Love Thursday: Another Reason to LOVE Southwest Airlines

With airline companies folding, nickel-and-diming loyal customers and checking their customer service manners at the gate it is good to know we still have Southwest Airlines.

In the US, at least.

If you’ve ever flown Southwest, you know their flight attendants have fun keeping bored airline passengers on the edge of their seats. Instead of the mundane, “In case of an emergency adjust your mask, then help your children,” a Southwest attendant might say …

“In case of an emergency, adjust your mask then help your child. If you have more than one child, choose your favorite and work from there.”

Or you might be greeted with, “Aloha. Welcome aboard Flight 123 en route to Maui. Oh,  you aren’t going to Maui? Ok, then. We’ll go to Nashville.”

Long ago Southwest put the fun in flying and with the tightfisted tendencies we’ve seen lately, they remain a beckon of light in the dark unfriendly skies.

That’s why I’d like to put a little ring in your Love Thursday and tell you about the Southwest Ding that sends you personalized discounted offers for up to 10 of your favorite routes-directly to your desktop.

Here’s how it works. You download the Southwest Ding and enter your home zip code and up to 10 of your favorite destination airports. Whenever the price drops, Southwest will ding you with the details of the limited time offer.

Since Southwest Airlines still doesn’t charge a ticket change fee, you can buy a ticket for your next trip, then change the date at a later time. They currently allow you to save this credit for up to two years.

So frequent travelers, put a little DING in your week and have a great Love Thursday!

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  1. Dan Waldron

    Great Blog post. I am going to bookmark and read more often. I love the Blog template ? if you need any assistance customizing it let me know!

  2. Never flown Southwest, but BA used to run a low-cost sister airline called ‘Go’. Their flight attendents were great fun too.
    I’ve never heard of “Go.” Fly SW if you ever get the chance!

  3. Dad’s flying them back from Arizona in 2 weeks. Can’t wait to hear what he thought 🙂

    Jet Blue has a similar sense of humor that you talk about. Thanks for the tip in the *ding* 😉
    Oh yes. I hope your dad has a good experience with them. I’ve never flown Jet Blue, actually, but I know they have great inflight entertainment!

  4. I think my brother is fun to fly with..he’s cabin crew. On recently seeing ‘John Locke’ from LOST my brother asked at the end of the flight if he’d be needing wheelchair assistence!
    Does your bro work with SW? Awesome. I think they only hire fun people, or something. They are a hoot!

  5. Have you seen the reality show about SWA on A&E called “Airline”? Oh, you have to watch it, if you haven’t already. It’s hilarious! I have used SWA many times in the past and the cabin crew are very fun. Even more entertaining are some of the passengers. I always get off their planes with a smile. Watch the show, you’ll see what I mean.
    I haven’t seen it, but I’ve heard of it. Thanks for the link! I always get off their planes a little happier, too. That is a good airline in my book!

  6. J.Doe

    OK, Southwest might be economical but bring water. I’ve flown them and know that they don’t serve food (they do see some until they run out). I read somewhere that they will start charging for water.
    I’ve always had peanuts or whatnot on SW flights, but never flown long enough to really get hungry. I hope they don’t start charging for water. I know they pride themselves on being the airline that doesn’t nickle and dime us.

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