Mamma Mia is opening today in Italy and I am hoping to head over and get my fill of Mediterranean scenery and beautiful people. I know, I know… I can look out my back door for that.

In the meantime, here are a few fun Friday links to get you through the weekend.

>> Check out Six of the World’s Wackiest Festivals, written by yours truly and published at BootsnAll.

>> Judith of Think of It! published the latest La Buona Cucina Americana recipe.

>> The O Foods for Ovarian Cancer Awareness recipe roundup is going on this weekend at Bleeding Espresso and Ms. Adventures in Italy.

>> Read more about Calabria on the Italyville blog.

>> Check out my favorite Italian fruit at Rubber Slippers in Italy.

Buon Weekend a tutti!

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  1. Leslie

    Great movie. It was one of the best I got to see this summer.
    I wish I’d have seen it in the US this summer when I was home. Seeing in Italian won’t be the same, I am sure!

  2. j

    I don’t think he represents me…a bit tooooooo conservative…you’re joking, right?
    LOL. He is *definitely* too conservative for me, IF he was a real person. It is part of an international book launch. The book is called Dirt: An American Campaign, by Mark LaFlamme. Cotton is the character in the book. Gotcha! 🙂

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