La Buona Cucina Americana: Texas-Style Chicken and Rice

It’s no secret my Maw Maw is a top chef in my book and once again this month’s La Buona Cucina Americana recipe is inspired from her kitchen.

This stove-top chicken and rice recipe was a staple in my southeast Texas home and we would often whip it up when the leaves started falling from the trees, when we were feeling a tad bit under the weather or when we needed some good ‘ole fashioned home cooking to stick to our ribs.

I’ve continued that tradition here in Calabria.

The basic recipe, aka, Maw Maw’s recipe is made without the onions and mushrooms. She adds a bag of onion soup mix to the water when she adds the chicken. Feel free to try both versions as they are drastically different and equally as fulfilling.

>> 3 cups white rice
>> 2 pounds chicken (I cut the chicken into small cubes, my grandmother pulls hers.)
>> 1/2 onion
>> 1 pound mushrooms
>> Black pepper
>> Salt


1. In large pot, measure water for rice. Add chicken, salt and black pepper.

2. Cook chicken 10 minutes.

3. Add rice and cook according to directions.

4. In separate pan, saute onions and sliced mushrooms.

5. When rice is fully cooked, stir in mushrooms and onions.

6. Black pepper is the most important ingredient to make this dish a hit, so taste the rice and add black pepper, as needed.


 In Italiano



>> 3 tazze di riso
>> 900 gr pollo
>> 1/2 cipolla
>> 450 gr Funghi
>> Pepe nero
>> Sale


1. In una pentola larga, mettere il pollo, il sale, ed il pepe nero, nel frattempo misurate la quantità di acqua necessaria per il riso.

2. Il pollo deve cucinare per 10 minuti.

3. Aggiungere il riso.

4. In una padella separata, mettere la cipolla ed i funghi.

5. Quando il riso è completamente cotto, mettere il composto di funghi e cipolla e poi mescolare il tutto.

6. Il pepe nero, è l’ingrediente più importante per fare bene questo piatto, quindi assaggiatelo ed aggiungetene quanto necessario!

Buon Appetito!

Buon Weekend!

9 Responses
  1. Sounds delicious. My mom had her own version of chicken and rice too. It was always a favorite of mine.
    Did your mom bake hers? I know a lot of people make it like that, too. Always good!

  2. tsquez

    now this looks very yummy. I am gonna have to print this out and give it a go. Thanks for the recipe.
    Prego! I hope you like it. Let me know. 🙂

  3. That sounds so very yummy. I love rice, chicken, mushrooms. Thanks for the recipe.
    It is, Nadine. Now that you are in TX you’ll have to try it. 🙂

  4. Hmmm…I might make this tonight. We have chicken and mushies in the fridge and we’ve all got colds. 🙁
    Feel better, Katie! I hope you enjoyed the chicken and rice.

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