Settimana dell’ Amore: Celebrating Valentine’s Day Year-Round

February 14 is celebrated throughout the world and is the day we have set aside to show our special someone how much we care.

But some people dismiss the holiday.

They say we should show our love every day, that we shouldn’t wait for one day to let someone know how much we love them. That every day should be Valentine’s Day.

Well, ok. I am cool with that. And even though I am a sucker for candy hearts and flowers, jewelry and chocolate I know it takes more than one day a year to keep your relationship healthy.

So here are SIX TIPS I picked up this week on how to keep your relationship sizzlin’.

From an article published on

Experts-people who have been married for 25-years or more-say there are secrets to marital bliss. Oooh, I love secrets and here are three of my favorites.

– Agree to Disagree
You and your sweetie won’t always see eye-to-eye, and think how boring it would be if you did. So be honest about the things you disagree on and be willing to let go of the need to be “right.”

– Commit to Spending Time Together
It is easy, say these experts, to get caught up in the daily routine of rearing your children, repairing the bathroom sink and meeting those car payments. Make being together a priority. They suggest that if you have a list of things to do and your partner wants to spend time with you, that you should put your list aside. Your responsibilities can wait on your relationship … not the other way around.

– Give each other the benefit of the doubt
This is my favorite of all of the 11 tips the article discusses because it was something my husband and I did from the start. Of course, first I had to teach him the expression “benefit of the doubt,” but then it all fell more or less in place. This is tough to do in any relationship but even more essential when the couple is long-distance. We started this habit years ago and fortunately have maintained it.

From an article posted at, 24 tips for rekindling the romance.

– Home Date
The tip suggests making dinner together, setting the table, lighting candles and dressing up. I love this idea. With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it is easy to fall into the “same old dull routine … .” And who doesn’t like pina coladas and rain-scented kisses?

Day Off
– Pamper your sweetie by offering him or her a day off from their usual chores. Imagine how surprised-and grateful-he’ll be when the trash has already been tossed or the dishwasher is unloaded. He might even return the favor one day. published an article that offered 10 ways to add romance to your marriage. They are all great tips, but I love #10 …

Celebrate Every Occasion You Can
My husband I do this and can I just say … I’m glad we aren’t alone. We celebrated monthly anniversaries until we reached the one year mark, even though both of our parents made fun of us miserably. Last week, I heard him telling his cousin about a nice dinner we’d had, with a great bottle of wine this cousin had recommended.

“What was the occasion, again?” My husband asked, trying to tell his cousin why we had over-indulged in this expensive wine.

I thought about it for a few minutes … it wasn’t our first anniversary, it wasn’t his birthday or mine.

“Oh,” I told him. “I remember now.

“It was a Saturday night … and we are in love!”

What are some secrets you can share about keeping your relationships strong? Do you think this gets harder the longer you are together or do things get easier?

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Happy Settimana dell’ Amore!

4 Responses
  1. I am going to print this off, and keep it somewhere to read. Or I should show it to my OH. I think it gets harder and harder each year, also with my OH working overseas for most of the last 7/8 years it has not done us any favours. But hey we are still together. 🙂
    You are are and that is great. I do imagine it is hard being apart. I know it was for us when we were dating!!
    anne’s last blog post..Snowy Walk!!

  2. Leslie

    Great blog. We are on our 6th year and we find that trying new things together is always fun. Last year we learned how to play golf (we are not very good, but we are bad at golf together). I do think it gets somewhat harder as the years go by and you start to fall into a routine…so I say spice it up! 🙂
    Great advice. Thanks, Leslie!

  3. Marie

    We will be celebrating our 35th anniversary this summer. My husband said he learned long ago that old saying—– “If mamma’s not happy, then nobody’s happy.” He is a great husband and my best friend.
    My grandfather told my husband the same thing! You are lucky to have each other.

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