Travel Tip Tuesday: Three Tips for Traveling With Your Honey


Travel Tip Tuesday

You saw him. You met him. You fell in love. But many people-myself included-don’t think you really know a person until you’ve vacationed with him.

For many world travelers, meeting a travel companion with benefits is on the top of their list for would-be mates.

Bur for those of you who didn’t think before you leaped, here are three tips to ensure your vacation is memorable for more than the all-night fights and held-over grudges.

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1. Talk it Out

As with other aspects of your relationship, communication is the key to enjoying a vacation with your main squeeze. It is important for each person to be included in major trip decisions-such as which hotel you chose or if you will rent a car. Additionally, make a commitment to remind each other to stay positive when things get rough on the road.

Ya Think?
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2. Be Flexible

Speaking of getting rough, you should realize that no matter how much you’ve researched your trip and planned this vacation that unexpected things will arise. Attractions might be under construction, restaurants might be closed, your hotel bathroom might be too small. Get over it. Focus on the time you and your honey are getting to spend together and pledge to make the most of each day of your trip.

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3. Split Up Already… but just for a day

So you have one more day in Calabria … he wants to visit the ruins at Roccelletta, you want to go to the open-air market in Catanzaro Lido. Well, then get going! This may be the only chance each of you gets to do these things. Agree ahead of time that you won’t get defensive or pout if you want to do different things. Sure you want to vacation together, I get that but a few hours apart won’t kill you … and the anticipation of getting back together might kick those romantic nights into overdrive.

What are some tips you can share from traveling with your significant other? Have you learned any lessons the hard way?

Until Next Time … Buon Viaggio!

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  1. I have trouble with #2- but I wholeheartedly agree with spending a day to yourself- especially the longer your trip is. You each get to experience what you want and this can prove very healthy!!!
    That is my favorite tip, as well. Couples often don’t want to do this, but it can be a good thing for the vacay… and your sanity!
    My Melange’s last blog post..Travel Tip Tuesday -Destination Quebec City

  2. sara

    I really love travelling with my husband and #2 is a huge part of that. We are able to be much more spontaneous (and a little more indulgent) than we generally are at home.

    Related to #2, allow time for just doing nothing – it is sometimes more enjoyable than seeing the sights.
    Great point about allowing time for nothing. I’m REALLY bad about wanting to fill every free minute with something. My husband is better about wanting to relax on a trip. We need that mix!

  3. Marco and I need even MORE tips. . . the first time we ever traveled together, I was pretty sure I was going to have to leave Italy and take the train back to Paris before the part of the trip where we were scheduled to go meet/stay with his family.

    We do particularly badly when DRIVING is involve. He is a traditional Italian male who thinks women are ninnies, and I’m an Oklahoma gal who grew up driving 600 miles with my mom and brother to my grandmother’s in New Mexico . . not to mention 20 minues down a dirt road in my dad’s pickup every week for piano lessons. I’d be like “WHO owns a car here and drives all the time (me) and who has never owned a car as an adult yet feels free to criticize all the time?!??!”

    hmmmm, can you tell this is a sore spot?!

    : )
    Ouch. No comment. 😉
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  4. Jean

    All good tips. #3 also gives you new stuff to talk about over dinner, as you swap adventures. Even if somehow my husband’s time apart is always more interesting than mine. “D
    Maybe he is just a better story teller?? Maybe he really sits in a coffee shop the whole time and invents a good story to tell you! lol

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