It is hump day here at My Bella Vita and we are smack in the middle of Rome Week, and with all of the sightseeing and wallet-watching we’ve had going on the last couple of days … I bet you are getting hungry.

I know I am.

Many people think a good vacation boils down to one thing-the food-and that your experience with that food can make or break your vacation.

While I’m not the kind of traveler to push it that far, I do know people who have all but written off a country because of their cuisine-or in some cases, their coffee … but I digress.

Rome doesn’t have issues with food or coffee, so as long as you know where to go,  you’ll be set.

La Pietra Scheggiata

La |Pietra Scheggiata Restaurant in Monteverde, Rome

Saturday night our Roman friends invited us to join them for their typical date night dinner in Trastevere, but after 45 minutes of circling the neighborhood in search of the ever-elusive parking place, we settled in Monteverde.

We entered the dimly lit La Pietra Scheggiata and were greeted near the door. The owner offered us our choice of tables, while his wife and young son-maybe four!-patiently waited to take our order.

With little urging, we each ordered the tortino di spinaci antipasto, made with cheese, spinach, cream and saffron and a large plate of assorted cheese, served with homemade honey and jam for the table.


The specialty of the house is the cacio e pepe pasta served with thick truffle sauce-my husband and both of our friends ordered that. Being the daredevil I am, and mostly because I wanted to try more than one of their house favorites, I ordered the carbonara, prepared with extra black pepper and topped with the same truffle sauce.

Oh. My. God.

I’m convinced the Romans were able to control the western world for more than 1,000 years because they mesmerized their enemies with dishes like these.

We ended our feast with homemade panna cotta, topped with caramel and chocolate.

La Pietra Scheggiata

Via Paola Falconieri

10/16 Roma

+ 39 0653 272058

Other places we enjoyed during our visit were

Peppe at Defronte e in Rome, near the Spanish Steps

– Defronte e

Just a few blocks from the Spanish Steps, this restaurant is slightly away from the band of tourist restaurants and was one of the places I went with friends a few years ago. It was typically Romano and we loved the fact that the menus were only in Italian (always a good sign, mind you!)

This time, the menus were translated into English and it had more of a tourist-spot feel. The prices were still reasonable and the food was delicious but I’m not sure I’d return.

Ai Tre Scalini in Monti, Rome

– Ai Tre Scalini

Located in the heart of Monti, Ai Tre Scalini is the wine bar where we met NYC/Caribbean Ragazza. Although we didn’t dine here, the wine, atmosphere and friendly staff had me at “buona sera.”

Ai Tre Scalini

Via Panisperna, 251

00184 Roma

+39 0648 907495

Have you eaten at a fabulous restaurant in Rome? Where was it? Please share in the comments!

Photos courtesy of menudiroma and asa-press

6 Responses
  1. I must try that place in Monteverde. Sounds amazing.

    It’s amazing to me people were walking into Ai Tre Scalini as we were leaving. It was a Sunday night. It must be packed Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.

    Le Mani in Pasta in Trastevere is one of my favorites places to eat in Rome.
    I think I’d go for the name alone! I love it. And yes, I walked by Ai Tre Scalini on Saturday night and it was overflowing down the street.
    nyc/caribbean ragazza’s last blog post..USA agribusiness comes to Europe.

  2. NYC/Caribbean ragazza’s recommendation is also one of my favorites but I wasn’t going to mention it since it’s tiny and I’d hate to see it overrun by tourists. But since it’s out there – oh well – it’s out there.
    Well on a positive note, there are less tourists in Trastevere than other areas of Rome … right?
    Ciaochowlinda’s last blog post..Colorful Carrot and Spinach Loaf

  3. Le Sorelle is one of my favorite restaurants in Rome.
    It is located on a side street right by Piazza di Spagna and is tiny but the food is great. I eat here everytime I am in Rome because I love the atmosphere and they have a killer wine list.
    Sigh…I wish I was in Italia!
    It is on my list for next time. *Sigh* I wish I was back in Rome. 🙂
    Paola’s last blog post..Organize to Exercise

  4. Hmmm, just you wait missy. I will for sure be sharing my restaurant recommendations- in just 10. short. days. Can’t wait!

    So, glad you had a good time!! Thanks for sharing your favorites.
    Can’t wait to hear your favs.
    My Melange’s last blog post..Foodie French Friday: Pain Poilâne

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