Blog My Blog: Christmas Edition

All of the Christmas talk around here has me decking halls, caroling carols and rockin’ around the Christmas tree. Well … the decorations.


Doesn’t everybody?

And all of this good cheer is just too much to keep to myself. So today I’m gonna borrow a theme from Bleeding Espresso. I hope you all will play along and

Blog my Blog

Here’s how it works:

1. I’ll kick it off with a question.

2. The first commenter answers my question and leaves a new question for the next commenter. It can be a general question, fill in the blank sentence, a “tell me about a time when,” etc.

3. The next commenter answers that question and asks a new question for the following visitor.

4. And so on and so forth.

5. This is a family blog folks (or, well … it could be) so let’s keep it clean. My mama comes here.

6. In a situation where two commenters have answered the same question and you’re next to answer, please either choose one of the questions or answer both; if you don’t answer both, you are free to pass along the question you didn’t use or come up with a new one. Apparently this was an issue at Bleeding Espresso. Thanks for the heads up!

And now the first question …

What is one thing on your Christmas list

you really hope Santa brings?

And you are up!

13 Responses
  1. ahhh. It’s hard to choose. Okay I’ll try, “O Holy Night” because it’s just so beautiful and “Silent Night” because my dad used to sing it during Christmas Eve’s midnight service in English and Papimento (a spanish/dutch/french/hebrew/african/carib indian dialect spoken in Curacao, Aruba, Holland, St. Maarten).

    What are your favorite family Christmas traditions and why?

    nyc/carribbean ragazza’s last blog post..The Tiber Runneth Over

  2. I want to answer all the questions!

    Marco and I haven’t really made lists this year, so he doesn’t even know. But I’d love a tin of my favorite Hediard tea, Melange Speciale Anniversaire, or some kitchen crockery from Habitat.

    For my favorite carol: Maybe O Come All Ye Faithful. I like the majestic sound of it, the fact that it’s a real religious Christmas song, and I love the music of it too (and love when the singer includes at least one verse of the Latin original!).

    As for family Christmas tradition: hmmm, we don’t have anything too special. My mom makes her enchiladas on Christmas eve, so that’s delicious. Just mainly being together.

    For my question: What’s your favorite stocking (if you’ve had more than one) and was it store-bought or handmade?

  3. joanne at frutto della passione

    My favourite stocking (and I’ve only had two my whole life) is the one I have now, and it used to be my mother’s. When I was a child my mom bought stocking for me, her and my dad. Then when my sisters were born, she rotated the stockings give all three to us and I got the one that was hers. She changed them by sewing them onto new stockings and adding little decorative touches of her own. Now that she is gone it means even more to me than ever.

    What is your favourite Christmas movie?

  4. Hard choice. It’s btw Christmas Vacation and A Christmas Story. My question- do you have a real tree or an artificial one?

    My Melange’s last blog post..Where else you can find me

  5. Fernporker

    I finally caved in and bought an artificial tree last year. Nothing like the sweet smell of dusty plastic to bring on the Christmas spirit! It is actually very pretty and the cats seem to like it just as well.

    What is your favorite dish at your Christmas dinner? (Not the whole menu, just one dish)

  6. I shot myself in the foot. Money is tight and we just spent a ton finishing our basement so my husband and I volunteered not to get each other anything because we really don’t NEED anything. But I recently fell in love with Yak Trax (aids for helping you run in the snow) and I wish I had requested those. 🙂

    Amber’s Crazy Bloggin’ Canuck’s last blog post..My $1,000 Christmas Almond Rocha Recipe (and let’s hear your favorites!)

  7. Dedene

    I’ll answer Ferporker’s question, as Amber didn’t seem to leave one.
    My favorite dish for Christmas is FOIE GRAS! What else?

    OK: What’s your most treasured Christmas decoration or ornament?

    Dedene’s last blog post..Christmas Cookie Marathon — Snickerdoodles

  8. My most treasured ornament is a styrofoam ball, decorated red and glittery and on a cut out side there is my oldest daughter’s photo when she was six month’s old. She “made it for me when she was in day care. I suspect she had some help 🙂
    When do you unwrap presents? Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?

    poppy fields’s last blog post..Christmas market…just before the deluge

  9. j

    Well, of course, Christmas day…and Christmas eve…and several days before Christmas…and after Christmas if any come late. But my wife and I don’t get each other anything for Christmas. Birthdays are our big days. We try to get off work on each others birthday and do something special.

    So what is your favorite holiday?

  10. Yes, I attend Christmas Eve services. It’s a very special time and all those candles, music, etc. really set the mood.

    I have to comment on a previous questions, my favorite Christmas song is ‘Mary Did you Know’ written by Mark Lowery. I love the version he sings but Kenny Roger & Wynonna Judd also sing it. Go out and Google it if you haven’t heard it.

    My Question: Is there a special alcoholic drink that you have/serve over the holidays?

    Ice Tea For Me’s last blog post..NaBloPoMo – NoMo

  11. maryann

    The Bloke and I hit the local wine trail and go to many tastings during the holiday. It’s so festive and they serve little tasty bites too! It really gets us in the spirit of things.We then pick our favorite to serve during Christmas.

    What was your most memorable Christmas gift?

    maryann’s last blog post..Seven Fishes Feast Roundup!

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