Guest Blogger JoAnne: Where I Call Home

Like Cherrye, I am from Texas, sort of. I grew up in Texas. My dad was in the Navy and he was stationed at Naval Air Station Corpus Christi 3 times, twice while I was growing up. I also lived in Galveston as an adult. Although, I have lived in Pennsylvania longer than anywhere else, Flour Bluff, Texas is home.

When I think of the beach, I think of Padre Island. When I was a kid you could drive on the beach all the way to Mexico, if you had a 4 wheel drive. Imagine my fright when I went to the beach in New Jersey and saw the boardwalks. Where’s the sand?

The year the movie Jaws came out, we had a lot of sharks come in to shore following the schools of mullet. Even though no people were harmed everyone was freaked out because of the movie. Not much swimming that summer!

I went to Flour Bluff High with Lou Diamond Phillips. Back then it was the coolest place to go to school. The football team was not the greatest but we still loved them. I was in the high school band which was the greatest. We had surfer dudes before they were called surfer dudes! We were allowed to leave the campus at lunch. The surfer dudes never made it back if the waves were good. We had a Dairy Queen across the street. French fries for lunch when Mexican food was not on the school menu which was at least three times a week. When I smell corn tortillas I think of home. I dream of Whataburgers and shopping at H.E.B. and watching the shrimp boats coming in at the end of the day.

Corpus Christi has changed at lot since the late 70’s but it is a beautiful and vibrant city. They have sports teams, several universities, hunting, fishing, and a lot of water sports. There are a lot of famous people from Corpus besides Lou. There’s Farrah Fawcett, Eva Longoria, The Labonte Boys (NASCAR), Selena and Terrence McNally to name a few.

So if you are thinking of a vacation spot in the US, check out Corpus Christi here.

Cherrye’s Note: I read this post about a week before I left for Texas and instantly felt like I had been transported there. This is a great description of Texas, Texans and how we feel about our country state. Visit JoAnne at Litlequeen Rules for great “Going Green” tips, recipes and random suggestions!

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  1. Joanne, I need to spend a little more time in Corpus. We always drive by on our way to South Padre Island and somehow don’t have the time to stop. I’ve visited there twice but need to get back.

    We usually stop at the Bishop DQ for lunch/dinner though – they are such nice people, and the burgers are good.

  2. I loved going to that school even though I was not a cool kid. I hated to move. It was really hard to move in the middle of 10th grade. My school in PA was nowhere near as good as my school in TX!

  3. Michelle … he he

    Amyemilia – Can you believe I have NEVER spent real time there? I am sooo ashamed!

    I hear ya, Lucy!

    JoAnne-I HATE to tell you this, but I had Whataburger on Monday… it was soooo good.

  4. Donna

    I grew up in Flour Bluff too! I live in the northeast now. Whataburgers! I miss those. I remember that Dairy Queen.
    Oooh, I could go for a Whataburger Jr and a Reeces Pieces Blizzard about now!

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