Travel Tip Tuesday: What NOT to Wear

They always say Mom Knows Best (or at least my mom does) so today’s Travel Tip Tuesday tips are brought to you via my mom, who is like an arachnophobe in a tarantula farm when it comes to flying but who is a regular reader of CNN dot com, where she read these tips and chose to pass them on to you.

According to Christopher Elliot, there are five things you should NEVER wear on an airplane. I’ve recounted his list and made my own notes for you here.

1. Uncomfortable or dangerous shoes

This should be obvious, but every time I fly and see women in heels I wonder what in the heck they were thinking. The answer? They weren’t. I normally wear tennis shoes for the following reasons.

– They easily slip on and off at security checkpoints
–  I can run in them (either to catch the plane, get to the restroom or beat the line of other slow pokes through customs) Ha!
– They are comfortable and warm, in case the plane is not

2. Light Colors

As they point out in the article, this is especially important for longer flights. I don’t know what it is about being on an airplane, but I always get dirty. Dark clothes camouflage this, go well with my dark grey tennis shoes and are slimming. Ok, maybe that last reason isn’t enough to make you wear dark clothes on your next flight, but I dare you to sit beside an active three year old on your next flight to Paris (yes, I did this) and come out clean!

3. Tight-fitting pants

Seriously, does this even need an explanation? Nine hours cramped in your seat and in your seat? No, thank you!

4. Synthetic fabrics

Cotton, cotton, cotton … I always wear a t-shirt and carry a light, black (see #2 above) sweater. If you have ever flown from Lamezia Terme to Houston and endured three flights, two layovers and an average of 19 hours you will want need cotton clothes. Trust me!

5. Anything with strong odor

This isn’t for your comfort, but more for your well-being. If you wear strong perfume or aftershave on the plane the other passengers will. hate. you. That being said … don’t forget deodorant!

How do you dress when you gear up for long flights? Can you think of anything else “not to wear” on board?

Until next time … Buon Viaggio!

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  1. joanne at frutto della passione

    Amen to all of the above. Except that I tend to wear beige and the active toddler beside me was my own kid so…
    That said I would add, always have socks on in case they make you take your shoes off at a security check point. You don’t want to be barefoot in the airport!

  2. I agree with all of the above. And an extra pair of socks is also useful if you want to walk around the plane without your shoes on. Because those floors can get pretty nasty.
    One thing I do is dress in layers, because you never know if they’re going to blast the A/C or not have it on at all.

  3. I wear the closest thing to a nightgown that is publicly acceptable. I do not wear pants because I have a talent for sleeping on flights and if you slide down, down, down in deep sleep, even the loosest pants might as well be tight. Layers, yes.
    I try not to wear makeup as it sinks into innocent pores in that strange atmosphere. Double portions of moisturizer are better and I always carry a spray bottle of Vitamin E water which has cut down on the number of viruses picked up on flights.

  4. No makeup, extra moisturizer, drink plenty of water. I put on some gloss and a little make-up right before we land. I used to dress like a slob (track pants, work out sneakers) on planes, no more. I noticed I get much better service when I look decent and I feel better too.

    You can be comfy and still look marvelous. ha

  5. Love these tips and also the ones in the comments. I definitely vote for comfy black pants. Heck, I vote for wearing them every day in life off the plane so long as the weather allows it 😉

  6. Great tips. I totally understand about the heels – I don’t get it either. I rather wear sneakers and if someone is meeting me I could change when I get off.

  7. j

    But I always wear the things that don’t pack well in my luggage like a suit or sport coat and dress shoes or hiking shoes. Not the best for the plane, but at least I can take more than a sport coat and hiking boots in my luggage.

  8. I second the light color thing…I was stuck in London on my way to see Paolo for the first time. Thought I’d try to look cute in some white pants…

    Yeah…cute until a little girl added an entire glass of chocolate milk to the white pants.

  9. Don’t wear shoes without socks. I always find my feet get cold. If you choose not to wear socks, at least bring a pair with you.

    Don’t wear sleeveless stuff, even with deodorant, some people can get “fusty” (pronounced foo-stee, as per my Gramma) after 19 hours of travel!

  10. Exactly, Joanne. I traveled to Florida last week in flip flops and I did feel icky in the airport. I knew I would, but I was sooo limited on shoe space! lol

    Great tip, Linda. I dress in layers, too. My sis thought I was crazy for traveling to Florida with a sweater, but she froze on the plane, and I was comfy!

    You are good Judith. I MUST wear makeup… I’d get tossed off the plane without it!

    Agreed, NYC. I like to mix the comfy/nice look.

    Thanks, Running!

    I had a GREAT pair of comfy black pants, Michelle, but I wore them sooo much – they faded. 🙁

    J – I do, too. That is why I love to layer, and usually wear tennis shoes or heavy shoes. Good deal!

    Maggie that is horrible … ugh. I usually get my own self dirty, so I cant blame a kiddo nearby!

    Geggie – he he, fusty … LOVE it.

    Isnt that funny, Jan?!?

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