Travel Tip Tuesday: Is Calabria Right For You?

Back in April, Robin, my friend and Travel Tip Tuesday counterpart over at My Melangè listed six reasons Italy might not be for everyone. It is one of my favorite posts and is a must-read for travelers considering a first-time trip to the bel paese.

This week, I thought I’d elaborate on her post and talk about Calabria travel and specifically who is and who isn’t well-suited for traveling in this particularly untraveled terrain. If you see yourself in the following examples take heed and either consider altering your travel plans or be prepared to cope with some of the more stressful aspects of traveling in Calabria.

1. High-strung Travelers
I love American tourists … I’ve even written a post dedicated to them, remember? However, the tourists I’m referring to are easy going, have a great attitude and are hell-bent on having a good time in southern Italy.

If you are high-strung, have no patience and don’t think closed shops and misprinted hours are part of the Italian charm, then Calabria might be rough on you.

2. Demanding Travelers
If you are a Burger King traveler, you know, used to having it your way and all, Calabria will be frustrating. Don’t expect things to be like they are in your country-or even how they are in Rome, Florence or Venice. This is Old Italy down here and while people might go out of their way to welcome you, they aren’t going to open their shops, skip lunch or reorganize their day just because an American thinks they should.

3. Travelers who See Themselves in Robin’s List
Among other things, Robin lists the lack of English and modern conveniences as reasons people might not want to visit Italy. Multiply her list by a dozen and you’ll know what to expect in Calabria. Outside of a few tourist-heavy spots, I never hear English (in fact, I’ve met a few other expats because we overheard each other speaking English in public) and I’ve had expats from northern cities offer to bring me things they can get up there.

After seeing some of the same mistakes over and over, I wrote a Calabria travel tips e-guide called “Don’t Get Caught with Dirty Drawers.” If you are thinking of visiting Calabria, why not pick up a copy and see if you can handle some of the idiosyncrasies of traveling in Calabria.

Until next time … Buon Viaggio.

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  1. Vanessa

    I would also add people with mobility/ certain medical disorders who might find it v difficult to get around. People with young children too. While italians LOVE kids the facilities are v basic and not child friendly at all. Save the Italy trips for when they are older and will appreciate it more!

    Yea, I think a little child-proofing can go a long way in making your hotel or B&B more child-friendly, too. Actually … I JUST wrote a post about this last week. We must be on the same page re: that, V.

  2. Beautiful, I’m still laughing. Love these: “misprinted hours” and “Burger King traveler” — I’m gonna start using that one. My motto: If you value your life NEVER get in the way of an Italian and his eating time or mamma shopping for the day’s meal.

    Ha. And trust me, when Mamma is no longer around, don’t get in Papa’s way, either!

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