Trendsetters – WW Part 4

“Meglio il marito senz’amore, che con gelosia.”

Taking a cue from celebrity brides, or perhaps just to be a tad different, couples are choosing creative alternatives to timeless wedding traditions.

The Top 5 Trends for 2007-2008 Weddings

5. “I’ll Scratch Your Eyes Out.” As couples are choosing to tie the knot a little later in life, some of the age-old traditions are falling to the way-side. One of the latest casualties? The bouquet and garter toss. Why this new trend?

– Couples marrying in their 30s have friends in their 30s and don’t want to put their single friends on display for the wedding clan to view. Broadcasting singledome in someones 20s is cute. 30s and 40s…not so much.

– Brides don’t want their wedding day feast turning into a cat fight. Think about it…how many weddings have you been to when the single women didn’t create a tug-o-war over those dang roses. They are going to die anyway, gals!

– An 8 year-old with the bouquet and a 40 year old with the garter is nasty! Vice versa is just plain weird! Brides are finding it difficult to prevent the kiddos from joining in on this “single-folk” fun, and many single adults don’t want to participate and steal the flowers from Betty Jo’s 6 year-old niece.

4. “Omelet anyone?” Dancing the night away – quite literally – has taken on in many places. Affluent couples are not just offering their guests dinner and dancing, but are ending their wedding party with a sun kissed breakfast. Now, that’s a party!

3. “Paper Dolls No More.” Gone are the days of tragic taffeta and poofy-sleeved bridesmaids. In fact, gone are the paper dolls, lined up in matching dresses and stockings, matching manicures and hair bows. It’s over, really. Trendy brides are selecting a few colors and a formality style and letting their bridesmaids make a selection based on personal preferences and body types.

2. “Child’s Play” Many brides want children at their wedding celebrations, but are afraid of failing attention spans or behavior straight from the “wild, wild west.” The solution? Include them. Here are a few ways a modern bride can include children in her wedding-day festivities.

– Ask for “kiddie meals.” Instead of ordering, and paying for, the same meal you serve adults, think about what the kids will eat. Maybe a pizza station or chicken strips with mac and cheese will go over better with this crowd.

– Group them together. Have a “kids-only” section at your reception where they can play, draw or color, or eat snacks from their own personal goodie bags. Consider hiring age-appropriate entertainment specifically for the kids, such as a clown, balloon sculptor, or caricature artist.

– Hire a sitter. Reserve another room near the main reception area for the kids. Hire a sitter and set up a TV with DVDs or play station, have a radio so they can dance or sing, and have games or toys. Their parents will appreciate the effort and will enjoy the reception knowing their kids are being watched and protected.

1. “Here Comes the Bride, All Dressed in White.” Or, Maybe Not. Stark white wedding dresses are falling out of fashion, particularly with fair-skin brides. Splashes of color can be seen in intricate beading, embroidery, or ribbons. If that is too subdue, there are dresses with large sections of brighter colors, such as red, green, or black. Full dresses are now available that range in colors from light gold to dark burgundy. Your imagination is the only boundary these days, and no color is off-limits.

Whatever new trends or changes a couple chooses for their wedding day, it is important for them to stay true to themselves. If the groom hates to wear a tux – don’t wear a tux! If the bride loves red shoes, by all means, wear those shoes. Remember, the wedding fashion police aren’t going to knock on your door, and if they, put up that “honeymooning” sign. You have other things to think about!

“Better to have a husband without love than with jealousy.”
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  1. KC

    I love these wedding posts! We had a special table and menu for children at the reception. The restaurant also provided an “animatrice” who kept the kids occupied drawing and playing games. It really worked well.

  2. Erin

    Another great post! I think those ideas about the kids at weddings were great. I wish I had had some of those ideas when we got married. I also wished I had seen those pretty pink bridesmaids dresses : ) My bridesmaids all had the same dress but in 4 different shades of blue. I was a little bit different than the other weddings that year.

  3. nyc/caribbean ragazza

    None of the weddings I have been to in the last few years (including my sister’s) have thrown the bouquet. I am very happy about that. đŸ™‚

  4. Madelyne

    I like the new trend for bridesmaids. Much better.

    My sister had a sitter for the children, in a special room set up with video games & toy. They loved it. I chose not to have children under 12 attend & in my Italian family that didn’t go down well.

  5. Cherrye

    Hi J! I will post a pic after the wedding of my dress. I can’t risk Pep looking on here. That sneaky boy!

    KC – Thank you! That is neat about the animatrice at your wedding. I bet the kids loved it.

    Maryann – It it def a good way to include kids and make them feel part of the day.

    Dmarie – ohhh cool! I will check that out! you didn’t have to worry about the something blue, did you?

    Erin – You were quite the trend-setter weren’t you? I bet your wedding was beautiful!

    Nadine – It is nice. This way they can select the dress that flatters them and makes them feel the prettiest!

    NYC – I agree. I think it is a little uncomfortable. Plus, I dont like the idea that women are all fighting to be married. We have other things in our lives besides men, right?!?

    Madelyn – We always run the risk of upsetting someone, don’t we? I love love love the sitter idea. I was trying to find a room close to my reception for the same thing.

    Rebecca – This is not my dress, but just a pretty one I found online! I will post pics of my a little later – like, uh, 7 weeks or so?!!?

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