Wedding Wednesdays Part 5: Something Else?

  “Casa senza fimmina ‘mpuvirisci” (Sicillian proverb)

 Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue … As if brides don’t have enough “somethings” to search for prior to the Big Day, tradition dictates another four more be found.

By far one of the most adhered-to traditions of brides throughout the country, this catchy little rhyme provides a connection between the past and the future while maintaining it’s stronghold on timeless traditions. Each of the four items (old, new, borrowed, blue) symbolizes an aspect of the bride’s life.

The item the bride chooses for her “something old” traditionally relates to her heritage. Many brides choose a treasured family heirloom or piece of jewelry. Nearly anything can serve the “something new” role, and many brides designate their dress or a new piece of bridal jewelry to fulfill this symbol.

“Something borrowed” symbolizes the support her family will give her as she begins married life. Borrowed items can include a pair of gloves or a piece of jewelry, usually from an older member of her family who is happily married. The hands-down favorite “something blue” choice has always been a blue garter or a blue ribbon hidden beneath the bride’s dress.

But, let’s just say for a moment we want to spice things up. How could we do that in a modern wedding, and still include this much-loved tradition?

Something Old ideas can include lace from a mother or grandmother’s wedding gown, a re-invented headpiece or veil, or the groom. (wink, wink.)

Something New ideas are always the most simple to find, but are more difficult to inject with creativity. Brides could purchase a small gold cross, or other meaningful symbol and include it in her bridal bouquet, attach it to her dress, or wear it in a garter.

Something Borrowed items can include satin ribbon borrowed from an aunt or family member and wrapped around the bouquet, a grandmother’s wedding band, or even a sister’s favorite lipstick.

Something Blue ideas are by far the most fun and offer brides of today the best opportunities to express herself. A bride could wear blue shoes, include a few blue-hued flowers in her bouquet, or wear a pale blue polish on her toes.

Regardless of the four “somethings” a bride chooses to incorporate into her Big Day, she should not take this tradition too seriously. It is meant to be fun and can inject humor or add a bit of unexpected flare to a formal, and possibly already too-stressful, wedding day.

“A house without a woman is poor.”

8 Responses
  1. j

    Well lets bring it to today. How about:

    Something teche – a cell phone ring that plays the wedding march;

    Something global – Texas meets Italy;

    Something digital – a promise to download pics on your blog;

    Something sustainable – your figure.

  2. Cherrye

    Hey there…

    Confessions, thanks! It is getting close.

    J – ha ha…cute. Did I tell you my cell phone played the wedding march?

    Rebecca – Thank you…I can’t believe it is only 6 weeks.

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