Travel Tip Tuesday: Saving a Little Green

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Everyone loves to save a little green, right? (Or, if you are in Europe, a little blue, orange, and green!) I’m going to clue you in today on how I saved more than $1,800 on two of my latest round-trip Texas-Calabria tickets. Hard to believe, I know, but these two little tricks, which most people already know, but rarely use, boil down to one little word.


Nooo, I am not going to tell you to fly out at 5:00 AM, or to pass over holidays, or even to move your flight towards the middle of the week. You already know that! However, if you are planning an intercontinental trip that either departs or arrives in a lesser-known airport, flexibility is even more important.

Step One: Go to the big search engines, such as Travelocity, Orbitz, or Cheaptickets. At this point you are testing the waters, and getting an idea as to what tickets might cost. Travelocity and Orbitz will allow you to search a range of dates for domestic tickets and on select international markets. If you can choose this option – do it! You will also notice a small box you can check to allow them to search nearby airports.

I saved $1,200 once by flying into the airport in Crotone, rather than Lamezia Terme.


Check that box!

Step Two: Go to the Aggregator Sites. These sites, such as Qixo, Kayak, Sidestep, and Mobissimo search multiple sites, including the big search engines and individual airline sites. If you find an airline and a price that meet your needs, congrats! But, don’t stop there.

Step Three: Go to that individual airline’s website anyway, enter your dates and departure information, and see what you get. I once saved $400 – and was able to fly out of my hometown airport – by conducting a last-minute check on my airline’s website! In fact, I cut my price in half and flew from Beaumont to Paris, with one stop in Houston for $450!

Step Four: Unless you find a flight you love, or have an event you just can’t miss, always keep looking. I generally start ticket shopping at least two months prior to a trip. I enter a WIDE range of dates, and do a minimum of 50 searches before I buy. I saved $600 on my last trip by staying in Texas one more night than I had previously planned.

I also never forget to check my frequent flyer accounts, which speaking of … just might work for my trip home this summer!

If you have any travel tips or advice to pass along, let me know and you could be featured right here on Travel Tip Tuesday!

Buon Viaggio!

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  1. Great tips, my dear! One of my favorite sites is, which allows you to bid on trips. We went to Mexico last summer and saved about $1,000!

  2. A bit late, I know, but I finally found your new site and it’s looking great. I’ll change you on my links list. Thanks for the tips. Ciao

  3. Wow! That’s amazing stuff. My hubby is a whiz at finding cheap flights too. His fave Italian sites are and I got a great rate on a 4-star hotel in Liverpool through $345 US for a double room for 3 nights during a peak holiday weekend. Not bad.

  4. I love Skyauction, too, Amber! I haven’t bought anything from them, but I have looked – A LOT!

    Thanks for coming over, Amanda! Better late than never, I say!

    I like priceline for hotels, too, Linda! P and I found a 4 star in San Antonio a few years ago for like $60 a night!

  5. Great tips! I love to travel and with airfare sky rocketing (I punned!)along with gasoline my pool is looking very inviting this summer.

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