Fried Dough is Good for the Heart

I’ve lost count of the times I’ve heard someone refer to Americans as piggish, gluttonous, or, well, fat. It happens a lot! In fact, a month or so ago we went out for pizza with Pep’s cousins, his cousins’ cousins, and some of their friends. Pep and his cousin grabbed center stage when they told the group about their latest trip to America.

I love Dunkin Donuts,” Pep’s cousin said. “I ate so many I almost got sick!”

Everyone laughed.

“They gave us hamburgers that were (this) big! I couldn’t finish it!”

More laughs!

“I’ve never seen a plate of shrimp that big,” Peppe said.“You should have seen Giu’s face!”

Laughs, and then a voice from the right.

“Si, perche tutti sono porci.”

Ahem, excuse me?

I quickly made a mental note of the word “porci” so I could confirm later that I had, indeed, understood her correctly. And, I had.

“Well, yes,” She’d said. “That’s because they are all pigs!”

Never mind the fact there were two Italians talking about how much they ate in America. Is it America’s fault they have no willpower? Is America to blame because these two guys couldn’t resist a gooey blob of deep fried deliciousness?

I think not!

Let’s forget for a moment, if we can, this gal’s absolute insensitivity in

1) generalizing an entire nation of people, to which I believe, she has never even been
2) making this statement in the presence, of, well, an American!

I would add here that she finished off her entire pizza, while this americana barely managed half. But, I won’t say that because it would be tacky. So, I’ll write it.

I steamed on this for a few days, while Pep did his best to defuse the situation.

“She doesn’t know what she is talking about.”

“She just wanted to add something to the conversation.”

“I bet she is jealous of American women!”

None of this worked, until, low and behold la festa di San Giuseppe arrived, and everyone went out to buy the best zeppole in Catanzaro. While I won’t tell you who was there buying stock in the bakery with her zeppole purchase, I will share with you a few pictures of our purchase.

And, here’s a closeup!

And, one more, just for good measure!

See? I told you a bit a fried dough is good for the heart.

It did wonders for me that day!

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  1. my keyboard is wet with drool…. 🙂

    actually it’s not, b/c that’s kind of gross 😉 but I am holding it back for sure!

  2. Giulia

    That’s not anchovy sticking it’s ugly head out of that otherwise yummy looking deep fried ball of dough, is it?!

    I agree, I can never eat an entire standard sized pie that the Italians eat. I usually get one of the mini ones or eat half of the standard sized ones.

    *sigh* I am craving one of those big ass plates of shrimp though! 😉

  3. Nadine, I know, right? Italians eat a LOT, don’t let them fool you!

    Haha, to each her own, Erin! lol

    Stats may be that way, Running, but Italians really do eat a lot. The biggest difference is that we eat junk or “on the go” and they sit down and enjoy it.

    Oh, no, G. The anchovy thing is Michelle’s deal in Badolato. We eat them sweet here in CZ. That is a yummy CHERRY showing through.

  4. We have those here too, but I don’t know what they’re called…just dolci probably since that’s the catch-all when it’s sweet.

    You should invite that girl to our next Summit 😉

  5. Well, the nerve 😉 If said cousin eats those lovely treats in the picture….isn’t that close to an American doughnut??

    I think you know where I am going here….

    your pic looks good enough to eat!!!

  6. Stehanie

    So the girls are like that in your area too? One evening (at dinner) Sarina was introduced to an Italian girl and the first thing she told Sarina was “Well, you are not what I expected to see.” Sarina said, “what did you expect to see?” The girl replied, “I expected you to be tall and FAT!” I call that “RUDE”. Just think if there was a Duncan Donut shop in Italy………

  7. OMG those are causing me to salivate since I haven’t had breakfast yet! My eyes are telling me to reach through the screen to Italy and take that pastry right off of the picture.

  8. Louise

    WOW first to that chick who made that comment..seriously rude! and then those pictures…oh YUM…gotta love pastry.

  9. There’s a words for that in Italy: maleducato. Really, I has almost the sa,e experience years ago with two fat ladies yelling over my size 6 self how fat Americans are.

  10. j

    Hmmm…did you offer her your leftovers? No, just kidding. You shouldn’t be rude. So are you supposed to eat zeppole with coffee?

  11. Those look so yummy.

    That’s too bad that one woman was so rude. Making huge generalizations like that about any nationality or race or gender or whatever is never a good idea and always ends up offending someone. Her loss!

  12. Yea, Michelle, they do generalize the “dolci” around here. These were good, though!

    I thought they tasted a lot like doughnuts, too, Robin! I agree.

    Stephanie, that is horrible! Ugh. She is the worst I’ve ever come across. She had a “rude-looking” face, though, so I shouldn’t have been surprised!

    Take it, Brooke! Take it. You’ll run it off!

    I know, Louise. What can you do? (About both! YUM on the pastries!)

    Judith! lol. I can SO see that. Thanks for the new word. I LOVE it.

    I know I shouldn’t be rude, J. I almost felt rude even noticing how much she ate. I think you probably would eat zeppole with coffee, but we didn’t. We don’t usually have coffee right after lunch, while we are still at the table, I mean. We usually come back to the B&B and have coffee here. Also, they have fried “doughnuts” all of the time, but I am pretty sure zeppole are just a Fathers Day treat!

    I know, Rhea. If I was more fluent in Italian (and more importantly, if I was more confrontational) I would have (in a polite, yet passive-aggressive sort of way) asked her when her last trip to America was, and how many Americans she had ever met. But, I didn’t. I know I shouldn’t have, but I wish I knew what she would have said!

    LOL, Jan! They really were good. Sorry to rub it in!

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