The Ruins in Tindari, Sicily

Loyal blog readers might remember my recent girls’ getaway to nearby Sicily. Michelle and I ventured out, armed only with the clothes on our back (and all the clothes we could cram into our cases) and her mini corno, you know, to ward off the malocchio!

And, it worked!

One of the most picturesque sites we visited en-route to Palermo, the cannoli capital of the world, was Tindari. Hidden in the mountains only 60 kilometers from Messina, and most easily reached by car, is the tiny village town that is home to one of only a few black Madonna statues in the world!

A short two minute walk from the sanctuary, however, will reveal even more about this Tyrrhenian jewel. Settled in 1500 B.C., Tindari was the last Greek city settled in Sicily, before being conquered by the Carthaginians, Arabs, and Romans. What is left is a marvelous array of architecture, culture, and history that succeeds in setting Tindari apart from the crowd.

 In addition to the amphitheatre that was built in 4th century B.C., the ruins at Tindari offer temples, mosaics, and sophisticated baths.

The awe-inspiring columns stand proudly as a reminder of the village’s rich past and enduring strength.

This goat mosaic, just one of many at the ruins, takes us back to a different time and place. And, it makes me wonder … WHAT in the heck did that goat represent?

Here are the remains of the water pipes, used to heat water for the baths of ancient-day Tindaris.

Whether passing through briefly like we did, or settling in for a few days, like we’d have wanted, Tindari is a true hidden treasure, and a “must-add-now” to your Sicilian itinerary.

You won’t be sorry!

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  1. yay! This looks great. We need to put this on our list to do next time we’re in Sicily. We didn’t get to do even a small amt of all the things we wanted to do there…there’s so much!

  2. So lovely!

    My brother and I are thinking about taking a trip together in the fall. (Is it weird to take a trip with my bro? We’re great buddies and neither one of us is married and most of our friends are, so it’s hard to find a traveling buddy!) Anyway, Italy is on our list. I may email you for a little more info, we’d love to make Il Cedro a stop on our list.

  3. You do, Erin. And, next time you need to swing through here!

    LOL, Running! LOL!

    Ha, ha…Linda! They may have. They sure have been there a long time, haven’t they?

    I don’t think it is strange at all to travel with your brother, Geggie. You will actually fit it really well around here. We would so love to have you guys in Calabria!

    Rhea, it was so nice. Luckily, we were with a girl who now lives in Messina. She told us about it (and drove us in her car!)

    Poor, J. We should go on strike against wordpress for calling you spam – EVERY TIME!!!

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