The Castle in the Sand: Le Castella near Crotone, Calabria

Somewhere, 40 minutes from Catanzaro, nestled in the Crotone District and backed into the Ionian Sea is Calabria’s very own sand castle.

It is true!

Calabria Tours Le Castella Castle

Well….it LOOKS like a sand castle.

According to the official website for Le Castella, the goddess Calypso lived there with Ulysses “for a long, long time.”

The geographical location of Punta Castella was created as part of the “Friendship Treaty” between Rome and Taranto in 304 B.C. In accordance with this treaty, Roman ships were not allowed to navigate in the eastern part of Capo Licinio. The people of Taranto set up a lookout post at Le Castella to see ships arriving from the Tyrrehenian Sea and heading towards Taranto.

And, it is still standing today.

Visitors pay €2 to enter the ancient palace when there is someone waiting at the gate. When there isn’t someone visitors usually just walk in. There are few markers and it is difficult for the untrained eye to recognize various rooms. But the view is amazing.

Wouldn’t you agree?

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  1. j

    Somehow I thought Ulysses would have had fancier digs than a sand castle…maybe Calypso liked it.

    Thanks for the pics. What exactly are the other ones of? It sure doesn’t look like Lake Erie!

  2. KC

    That’s such a beautiful place. Is the water there as clean as it looks in the photos? I’d love to go for a swim there.


    My grandfather was from Italy, from Calabria, their last name is Cosenza-Pandolfi, I wish I can speak italian, is not toooo late to learn, so I will give it a try.

    Your blog is beautiful, these pictures are incredible.

    Stop by, we will have a tea cup ready for you.

    Big hug for you


  4. Cherrye

    G – Isn’t it pretty? You should bring the girls to see it sometime!

    J – Who knows?!? lol…it is a beautiful location! 🙂 The other pics are taken from inside the castle looking out! Maybe that is why Ulysses chose it!

    Calabrisella – 🙂 Isn’t it beautiful?

    Erin – This one is completely empty and is just “ruins” on the inside. It is hard to tell what was what, but it is beautiful the same!

    KC – The water is amazing in the pictures. We did go down to the beach, and to be honest, the beaches in Catanzaro are MUCH cleaner!! I was with some Americans from Texas, though (where all the beaches are sadly oil-filled) so they loved it!

    Louise – you are welcome. I have been there once before, but this time it really took my breath away!

    Rebecca – thanks for the comments! I am glad you liked the pics. All of the little shops around it make it a fun day trip from here.

    Nadine – I didn’t post the picture of us from the restaurant because I didnt have permission from my friends….but – WOW!

    Tea Cup Club – Welcome…I’ll stop by for that cup of tea ASAP. I am wondering if your grandfather’s last name isnt Cosenza-Pandolfi because he came from Cosenza. Cosenza is about an hour from me and Pep has family there…VERY NEAT. And, no – if I can try to learn the language, so can you!!

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