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What Customers Say About Our Trips to Calabria

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The Best Beaches in Calabria

Join My Bella Vita Travel as we run through the best beaches in Calabria, from Tropea to the iconic Arcomagno Beach! Read more…

What Are the Best Reasons to Visit  Southern Italy?

Join My Bella Vita Travel as we discuss some of the highlights awaiting travelers in Southern Italy. Read more…

Best Places to Stay in Calabria, Italy

Traveling to the south of Italy and unsure where to stay? Join My Bella Vita Travel for our recommendations on the best places to stay in Calabria, Southern Italy.
Bergamot Fruit of Calabria on a Wooden Table of a Farm in the countryside.

Eating Our Way Through Calabria: A Journey to the Heart of Southern Italian Cuisine

Join My Bella Vita Travel as we explore the importance of food in Calabria and some staples from the local cuisine. Read more…

Guide to Planning Your Tour in Calabria

Join My Bella Vita Travel for our guide to planning your next adventure in Calabria, from must-visit sites to culinary delights you shouldn’t miss! Read more…

Guide to Winery Tours and Wine Tastings in Calabria

Join My Bella Vita Travel for our guide to winery tours and wine tastings in Calabria – fine wines in extraordinary settings. Learn more…

Best Towns in Southern Italy to Visit in the Fall

When it comes to planning a trip to Italy, the fall season often gets overlooked in favor of the summer months. We will guide you through the best towns to...

Why Embark on a Small Group Heritage Tour of Calabria

Join My Bella Vita Travel and discover the benefits and highlights of embarking on a small-group heritage tour in the beautiful Italian region of Calabria.

Homemade Italian Lemon Granita

Beat the heat with our homemade lemon granita! A refreshing blend of zesty lemon and sweetness, transporting you to the sun-kissed shores of Southern Italy.

Eight Things to Know Before You Go to Calabria

Join My Bella Vita as we run through some things that are helpful to know before traveling to Calabria, one of Italy’s most beautiful regions.
Colorful coastal houses and the bright blue Tyrrhenian sea in Tropea, Calabria. Photo: Nemanja Peric

The 10 Best Places to Visit in Calabria, Italy

With awe-inspiring architecture and pristine beaches, Calabria is a sunseeker’s paradise. Read our My Bella Vita Guide for the top 10 places to visit there.
contemporary art

Contemporary Art in Calabria

Are you into contemporary art? With Italy being home to some of the world’s most treasured masterpieces, it shouldn’t be a surprise that it also has some great places to...
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