Southern Italy Summer Reads

Are you the type of person that enjoys sitting out on the beach or by the pool with a good book? I love reading especially when I want to get away and escape the daily grind. There is something magical about certain books – they can take you anywhere in the world real or imaginary....
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The Putignano Carnival in Southern Italy

When you think of Carnival (Italian: carnevale) in Italy, the first place that comes to mind is probably Venice, the most well-known all over the globe, while others may mention Viareggio in Tuscany. Here in Southern Italy, one place in particular which stands out above all the rest is Putignano, a town in the province...
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Blue Flag Beaches of Southern Italy: Puglia

Puglia is home to some of Italy’s most exquisite beaches, not just for its crystal clear waters but also for its rocky coastlines, lagoons, grottoes and underwater marine-life.  It shouldn’t really be a surprise since the region is bordered by the Adriatic Sea in the east, the Ionian Sea to the southeast and the Strait...
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Southern Italy Snapshots: Puglia

Our Southern Italy Snapshots series is into full swing and we’ve stopped both in bella Calabria and hopped off of the mainland with a visit to world-famous Sicily. Today we are at the back of the boot in Puglia, a region that is quickly becoming a must-see destination in the bel paese. Located east of...
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The ancient remains of a castle in Fiumefreddo Bruzio, Italy. Photo: Giovanna Figliuolo

Travel Tip Tuesday: Five Mistakes Travelers Make in the Mezzogiorno

My husband and I have spent the last four years in the Southern Italy tourism industry and we’ve learned a lot in that time. Between the guests we host at our Calabrian bed and breakfast and the clients we help through our travel consulting business, we’ve seen travelers on every end of the spectrum …...
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Kate Bailward on Living and Traveling in Puglia

Last month we heard from recent Puglia transplant Tina Ferrari on what makes Puglia so special. Today, I’m sharing an interview I did with another expat in Puglia, Blogging from the Boot award winner and maniac-driving ESL teacher, Kate Bailward.
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Why Puglia? An Interview with Expat in Puglia, Tina Ferrari

A good number of people who contact me about traveling in Calabria are also interested in visiting another region in Italy’s mezzogiorno. Sometimes it is Basilicata, sometimes it is Campania but oftentimes, it is Puglia. I’ve been and like others, I found the region full of fresh food, magical scenery and contagious charm but instead...
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