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What To Do in Tropea

When it comes to destinations in Calabria, Tropea is without a doubt one of the most popular and well-known seaside towns. Situated on the “Coast of the Gods”, it’s no surprise that this magnificent place as captured the interest of travelers from all over the world. You can’t help but fall in love with its...
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What To Do in Cosenza

Cosenza is the largest province in Calabria and its capital city, also called Cosenza, is quickly becoming known as the “Athens of Calabria” for its architecture, art and culture. One of the great things about this city is its location – you are not more than 30 minutes from a beach or the mountains, which...
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Cedro Museum in Santa Maria del Cedro

In the south of Italy on the Tyrrhenian coast of Calabria, lies the Riviera del Cedri, which is home to many beautiful seaside villages. This area gets its name from the cedro (English name: citron), a citrus fruit that has been cultivated in this area for centuries. The cedro is one of the four original...
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Calabrian Souvenir Ideas

So you are travelling in Calabria and you’re having a great time, obviously! There is nothing you’d like more than to bring home something special that will transport you back to this very moment. Most people when travelling like to bring back souvenirs, whether it’s for themselves or for family and friends. Most places will...
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Castle Squillace

The Mysterious History of Squillace Castle

There are castles everywhere in Italy. And I’m not sure what it is, but every time I visit one, I’m swept up in its history and legends. When visiting castles, it’s almost surreal to imagine how old they are and what life was like in these places centuries ago. Calabria has some really fabulous castles...
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Treasure Hunt: The Legend of King Alarico’s Tomb

Over the past few years, the mayor of Cosenza, Mario Occhiuto, has been focusing a lot of attention on the whereabouts and authenticity of King Alarico’s tomb. King Alarico, the King of the Visigoths, was famous for his role in the fall of the Roman Empire in the fifth century. As the legend goes, he...
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The Humble Beginnings of Bar Gelateria Ercole

We love Pizzo, and recommend it to all our clients planning to visit Calabria. There are a few things you absolutely must do when you visit Pizzo and indulging in the traditional Tartufo is one of them. There is no shortage of cafés and restaurants listing tartufo on the menu, but we absolutely love Bar...
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What To Do in Pizzo Calabro

Pizzo Calabro is a quaint and welcoming fishing village in Calabria. Its old town was built on the steep cliffs overlooking the gulf. This charming village makes for a great day trip if you are visiting Cosenza, Catanzaro or even Reggio Calabria. Pizzo may be a small town but it offers so many great experiences...
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Our Top 6 Southern Italian Sites to Visit in 2016

It’s impossible to choose just one word to describe Southern Italy: rugged, historic, enchanting, captivating, mysterious, unforgettable…are only a handful that come to mind. It’s hard to believe sometimes that it’s still relatively unknown to many travelers outside of Italy. We know that the South of Italy has so much to offer travelers, and it’s...
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The Riviera dei Cedri in Calabria

Southern Italy boasts some of the most beautiful beaches and coastlines in Europe – perfect for sunning by the sea, enjoying a drive along the scenic coastal roads or finding that perfect hidden away village. Sicily has stunning beaches and the Amalfi Coast is home to some of the most famous vacation spots in Italy....
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