First there was WalMart. Then came…Super WalMart.
Target was followed by…Target Super Store.
Kroger…Kroger Signature.
K Mart…K Mart Super Center.
Well, ladies and gentlemen. This is a picture of the cineseria (Chinese-owned clothing store) near my house.

And THIS is a picture of the one across town.

And they say Americans are obsessed with the Super Size!
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  1. Nadine

    How do you supersize a clothing store? Do they serve food now? Can you purchase milk there also? Too funny.

  2. J.Doe

    That’s hilarious. Is there a smaller ‘cineseria’ outside of town and they felt the need to supersize it?

  3. Cherrye

    Nadine – very funny…maybe they have ice cream in the back??

    KC, NYC, Louise, and Erin – it is even funnier in person.

    J – they ARE with the new camera, although I am not 100% happy with it yet. I need to read the whole manual and figure everything out.

    J. Doe – There are cineserias all over town, but this is the first and ONLY super store I have ever seen. I went in…it was newer – that is about it! đŸ™‚

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