Some People Say

no matter where you go, your troubles find you.

I believe it.

From mid-September through the end of 2007, I had limited Internet access. Ya’ll know that! That is why I had over 630 Inbox messages to scour through, no new MBV posts, and no promising freelance writing gigs to dig up.

Only one week after returning to Italy, I was thrust back into those cold, dark days and experiencing Internet-withdrawal all over again. Who knew switching from Libero to Al-ee-chay would take 7-10 days??

Who knew?

Who SHOULD have known?? 🙂

Well, that is where I was last week…where were you?

6 Responses
  1. j

    Actually I was wondering if I should switch my provider to something cheaper…hmmm.

    I’m amazed at how much the internet is a part of things. I wonder if I had to be without the internet or the telephone which it would be. I suppose I would choose to be without the internet, but still I have to think about it.

  2. Delina

    7-10 days isn’t bad for Italy. I sometimes consider changing providers but it’s the fear of how long I’ll be without internet that puts me off. Plus how many docs you have to send, blood samples etc etc ahaha.

  3. Cherrye

    I think you’d be ok in Ohio, J…I think the prob is 100% ITALY. In America they LOVE to steal away other companies customers…Here they act like they are doing you a favor letting you pay them for the internet! If I had to go without one or the other, I think I would choose the phone. You can send IMs. 🙂

    Delina…I think my problem was that I was in America for the last 3 months. I forgot! 🙂 I am glad we are back now, though, and actually Alice does seem faster!

  4. Antonino Condorelli

    Incredible!!! The trouble is that Telecom Italia forces you to pay also for the period you don’t use internet for their delays… they’re fuckin s.o.b.
    It’s incredible how we depend from internet connections. When I’m without I fell lost..

    See you Cherrye!

  5. Nadine

    Welcome back and congratulations about the wedding. I was just catching up. I didn’t know you were back. How is your dad now?

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