Seven Wonders of the World in Bella Calabria

According to a press release issued by VFI Overseas Property home builders, an exclusive gated community, complete with indoor and outdoor pool, restaurant, bar, spa and fitness center, shops and boutiques is set to open in my back yard.

Well … almost.

Soverato is just 15 minutes down the road from our bed and breakfast and is where I often go to meet up with my Bleeding Espresso buddy for a run through the market, Italian shoe shopping spree or girls’ day lunch.

And pretty soon we’ll have a new place to scope out.

Seven Wonders of the World Pool in Soverato, Calabria

The Seven Wonders of the World “is an exclusive development of the finest full-service villas, each consisting of unique construction, four bedrooms and three bathrooms. (The developer) says the company made the community in honor of the seven wonders of the world from antiquity.”

Seven Wonders of the World Community in Soverato, Calabria in southern Italy

So what do you say? Wanna come be my new neighbors?

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  1. I hope this gated community won’t be too big and ruin such a beautiful area.

    I know that development brings job but gated communities (esp. in resort areas) really bother me. It’s like they want to be in Italy but not have to actually “live” in Italy or deal with Italians. I mean why do you need a restaurant inside the gates?
    Sorry … you lost me on “spaghetti con vongole” … my favorite! Yum. Anyway, you have a good point on why they would need a restaurant. This particular place is in Soverato, so there are plenty of places to eat. My mom lives in a gated community that is pretty far removed and they “need” more options. Although I am all about promoting tourism and development in the area, I, too, hope these developments don’t tarnish Calabria.
    nyc/carribbean ragazza’s last blog post..Ocean Views + Spaghetti Con Vongole (with clams) = An Amazing Lunch

  2. Amber

    The villas are going to be beautiful, to be sure- but I am sure if I were taking a trip to Calabria I would prefer staying at il Cedro, because I know there, the atmosphere would be truly charming!
    Please stay here if you ever come to Calabria. I do imagine those villas would be nice to live in, though.
    Amber’s last blog post..Victory Garden!

  3. Sierra

    I’d be sooooooo tempted to crawl over the gates. I like forbidden fruit. 😉
    He he … I won’t tell!
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  4. Trust me it would be my DREAM to be your neighbor, that place looks amazing and some of those properties are GORGEOUS!!!
    But one thing I do know is that when I visit that area I will be visiting a quaint little B&B with this American girl and her hubby running the place 😉
    I am coming to Italy in the fall unfortunately not long enough to stop by for a visit!! Someday though!!
    Oh no. I wish you could make it this go around but that is ok … we will wait!
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  5. chris barker

    VFI has other projects, but please note, jewel of the sea there biggest has gone bust, so i really dont see this one going thru either, its just people with scam artis work that ruins our calabria!
    Thanks for the heads up! Are you in Calabria? Where are you?

  6. shelia wilson

    We bought through VFI overseas property it should have been finished last year and we are still waiting , where we bought Jewel of the sea their flagship development still does not even have planning permission although the Lawyers working with VFI Giambrone Law asked us to hand over our money they are now being investigated by the SRA the whole experience has been a total nightmare beware.

    I’m sorry to hear about your troubles. I wonder if the issue is with VFI or the city/comune. Our comune “sat” on our paperwork to build a new home for mor than two years and didn’t approve any new building in the city, then approved them all at once and well, it was hard to find the workers. Thank you for the warning, though and I hope other people who read this post notice your comment.

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