Ah, yes … Spring has arrived. I almost didn’t recognize it, as being from southeast Texas, we tend to skip this season and jump straight from hot to hell.

But, it is, in fact, spring.

Fruit trees are sprouting buds, bees are buzzing, and, if you’ve never been surrounded by orange blossoms in April, well, you are missing out on life.

Every other day here is sunny, breezy, and light. I was even awakened this morning (well, it was 2 AM, but hopefully he’ll get his timing better tomorrow) by a chirping sparrow sitting on our window.

 I recently took a passeggiata around our land to capture the season.

  Even the weeds are nice!

 Buon Weekend!

 Be sure to visit Michelle of Bleeding Espresso for this week’s installment of La Buona Cucina Americana!

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  1. Jake

    Very nice pictures. Looking out the window right now and I see about two inches of fresh snow, blizzard-like conditions and presently only -3 Celsius. Makes me want to leave Canada and move to Italy.

  2. I agree with you, Texas usually goes from winter to hotter than hell! :o)

    Beautiful pictures of spring!! Love the bee on the flower. :o)

  3. j

    That’s one of the nice things about Cleveland, there are definitely four seasons and it is definitely Spring here now. I fertilized my garden yesterday.

    Those are nice pics. You took them with your camera, yes? What kind of camera did you end up getting and do you like it?

    I remember seeing those oranges when I came in to CZ by train. I remember thinking they looked small and wondering if they were Clementines. What kind of oranges are they.

    I hope this comment posts!

  4. Lovely photos! It is spring time here in South Carolina too and I am loving every minute. There seems to be a very fine line between Spring and hotter than a $2 pistol in the South.

  5. lisa

    Love your blog but can I make a suggestion? The new format you have is REALLY hard to read- with the text centered like it is, it’s non very reader-friendly and kind of off-putting. You might want to reconsider that choice for a more readable one.

  6. Oh, no, Jake! Snow?? Yikes!

    Thanks, Rhea. Sometimes I think it is worse in north Texas – DRY heat! (you know…compared to se tx!)

    THanks, CD.

    I hope you had a warm weekend, Nadine!

    J – once again I rescued your comment! I am feeling strong and powerful! lol Those are clementine oranges, but we have several kinds in our yard/garden. I ended up getting a Sony DC-55 (I think are the numbers). I like it a lot, but usually the night pics give me trouble!

    LOL – Jan. That thin line usually lasts about a day!

    Thanks for the suggestion, Lida. I sent you an email to follow up to see how you were viewing the blog.

  7. lisa

    The viewing problem only happens on Safari, not on firefox… dunno if there’s some tweaking you need to do to make it functional on Safari.

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