Guide to Planning Your Tour in Calabria

Calabria remains one of Italy’s most captivating yet lesser-explored regions. With its juxtaposition of sun-kissed beaches and rugged mountains, the region invites travelers to dive deep into its history and natural beauty. 

While the allure of independent exploration is undeniable, many seasoned wanderers have found that a guided tour of Calabria lets them in on the secrets this gem holds, ensuring they soak in every moment. We hope the following blog provides you with inspiration and plenty of helpful tips.

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Calabria: A Winning Cocktail of Mountain and Sea

Calabria’s charm lies in its dramatic geography. Imagine a place where the tranquil Ionian and Tyrrhenian seas meet the mighty Apennine mountains, each landscape vying for your attention. 

Whether you’re watching a sunset from a cliff-top village or taking a morning stroll along a secluded beach, the vistas are consistently breathtaking. This region truly offers the best of both worlds. 

And as some travelers have pleasantly discovered, having a local guide can make navigating these diverse landscapes seamless, ensuring you capture all the panoramic beauty without missing a spot — our Best of Calabria and Malta tour invites you to  to explore the best that Calabria has to offer, along with a visit to the enchanting island of Malta. 

Historical and Cultural Landmarks

Exploring Calabria is to explore Italian history itself. The city of Cosenza, with its ancient architecture, is a living testament to the bygone eras. As you wander, you’ll stumble upon Byzantine churches and Norman castles standing as guardians of the region’s rich heritage. 

While each monument has its own story to tell, the narrative becomes even more vivid when recounted by an expert. This is where a guide can truly enrich your experience, illuminating the stories and significance behind each landmark.

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Beaches and Seaside Activities in Calabria

Calabria’s coastline is a thing of legends. Just picture stretches of golden sands like those of Tropea and Scilla, kissed by azure waters and backed by rugged cliffs. These beaches are nature’s masterpieces, waiting for travelers to leave their footprints. Dive in for a snorkeling adventure or embark on a boat tour to hidden coves; the seascape’s magic is undeniable. 

If you enjoy holidays spent on the beach, soaking up sun, Calabria will not disappoint! 

Savoring Calabria’s Cuisine

From the spicy warmth of ‘nduja to the sweet crunch of Tropea’s famous red onions, each Calabrian dish is an insight to the tradition and passion of the region. As you sit in local eateries or trattorias, you’re not just eating, you’re immersing yourself in the local culture, one bite at a time. 

And while discovery is part of the journey, some culinary gems remain hidden to the casual traveler. When you travel with My Bella Vita, you gain the knowledge of expert local guides, giving you the chance to experience Calabria through the eyes of a local. Those passionate about Italian cuisine are sure to love our Food and Wine of Calabria Tour.  

Nature Trails: Exploring Calabria’s Parks and Reserves

Away from the bustling beaches and vibrant towns, Calabria’s parks and nature reserves offer up unparalleled natural vistas. Places like the Sila and Aspromonte National Parks beckon with their untouched beauty, offering trails that wind through dense forests and lead to panoramic viewpoints. 

Whether you’re an avid hiker or someone seeking a tranquil escape, the region’s green expanses promise serenity and wonder. 

See Calabria with My Bella Vita Travel 

Calabria, with its historic landmarks, pristine beaches, and mouthwatering cuisine is one of the best travel destinations in all of Italy. 

If you’d like to enjoy the wonders of southern Italy in the company of knowledgable local guides, consider joining us on one of our Guided Small Group Tours in Calabria. Remember, with My Bella Vita Travel, you can be assured of always having our team on hand to help you enjoy an unforgettable holiday in Italy. 
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