It isn’t that I’m not an observant person … well, maybe it is. You see the thing is, I’ve always prided myself in my attention to detail, in my ability to add intricate things that make a good thing – great. I did it at my Disney jobs, at LU and in my own wedding. I am a detail nut. I always told my staff “the success is in the details,” and I believe that.

That being said, it would be easy to confuse “being detail-oriented” with “being observant.” The first I am, the second, well … not so much.

After last week’s heartfelt find in Scalea, I went on search for more and more hidden hearts.

Know where they were?

At our bed and breakfast in Catanzaro where I spend sooo many hours each day, both with my freelance writing and B&B duties … Who knew?

Here’s hoping a not-so-hidden surprise finds you today and fills your day with LOVE. Happy LT!

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  1. Sally

    Well, I think that if you didn’t see them before now, it wasn’t that you weren’t observant, but maybe that something else was so much more interesting like, P!

  2. joanne at frutto della passione

    Everyone that knows me has learned to ignore me when I say *Has that always been there?* I am not the least observant person on the planet but I wouldn’t win a round of Kim’s game!!

  3. What a nice blog!!
    I found you following the links to blogs about Italy, I’m an Italian young woman from Bologna who is going to move to low Piedmont for love.
    I’ll surely visit you again, I’m going to add you to my blogroll for the occasion 😉


  4. Well, you were busy looking at the *big picture* and now that things are running smoothly at the B&B, it gives you the time to see the little things.

    See…isn’t that better than saying your not observant 🙂

  5. I sent my mother in law your blogsite as she will be travelling to Italy next summer (JUNE) and I told her about all these wonderful Italian Blogs.
    I hope she contacts you in regards to your B&B and gets a chance to meet you that would be so nice. I would LOVE nothing better. Happy Love Thursday!

  6. I agree, Sally. Hearts are nice, but P is P!

    Welcome, Desi! I checked out your blog, too.

    We would NOT be good together, Joanne!! lol

    Love it, Robin. THAT is my new excuse!

    YEA, Lucy! I’d LOVE that, too.

    I hear you, Steph! Details baby!

    I know, right, Nadine. It is like it was planned (but it wasn’t!)

  7. I *did* point those out to Dawn last time we were there but then forgot to ask you if you had ever taken photos of them for LT. Just as well that you got to find them on your own 😉

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