Love Thursday: Love Actually

I’ve seen Love Thursday posts around the blogosphere for several weeks now. Sognatrice wrote a beautiful piece about her grandmother earlier in the year, and I have seen other posts on sites I didn’t bookmark and now can’t trace back. So, I thought I’d join the fun. Having been tossing the idea around for awhile, I had several good themes (if I may say so myself) for my first week. But as Thursday drew closer, the moments, activities, people, and things that reminded me of love, were everywhere…there were too many to count…too many to write about…It made me think.

To quote a popular line from one of my favorite movies…

“Love Actually is…everywhere.”

I saw love in a handwritten note last week from my 8-year old English student…

“Cherrye, I love you…even when you speak English really fast!”

I heard love last night, when, after trying for several minutes to convince Peppe’s aunt I couldn’t listen to another word of Italian, she squeezed my cheeks and said, “Cherrye…you know I love you…”

It’s even in made up vocabulary Peppe and I use.

But love isn’t always obvious. Sometimes it isn’t what people say to you that show love, but in the way they treat you, or the way they look at you, or when you share a laugh.

I came home from the gym today with a pulled muscle. One of Peppe’s aunts immediately pulled up a chair, propped my leg on the chair, and begin massaging…

It was in Peppe’s eyes this morning (like most mornings) when he woke me, quietly hugging me until I was ready to start my day.

It’s in the laughter of an old friend – or a new one…

Love actually…



We just have to look for it!

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  1. sognatrice

    What a lovely first Love Thursday post…really, she started massaging you? That’s some auntie love đŸ˜‰

  2. PastorMac's Ann

    OOooo, this post is wonderful. It’s all about perspective isn’t it. Love is all around we just need to see it. I’m so glad you decided to join the Love Thursday crowd.

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