Nothing to do…Really?

Have you ever had one of those days when you were bored-out-of-your-mind and had nothing to do? Really? Nothing to do? Today was almost one of those days for me. It was definitely a bored-out-of-my-mind kind of day but I had plenty of things to do…Plenty of things I “shoulda” done.

In between the good ole’ fashioned Southwestern chili I made for lunch, the “Madralingue English Teacher…” business cards I cut out, and the hour-long phone conversation with my mother about bridesmaid gift ideas, I had a hard time getting motivated. I had a totally chochi afternoon, waxing and plucking, face-masking and nose-peeling, moisturizing and exfoliating all things personal…I worked a teeny tiny bit on the dispensers for the B&B…I took a nap – a long one. All the while thinking – I have absolutely nothing to do…Ahhh….Ignorance really is blissful, isn’t it?

But, what was I thinking?

I had SO MUCH to do…

I shoulda formatted The Red Guide to Name Icebreakers for RCC.

I shoulda called references for a potential wedding deejay.

I shoulda worked on our wedding website so it could be up and running.

I shoulda Fly Lad’ied the sink in Il Cedro.

I shoulda continued my search for an agent for a children’s book I wrote.

I shoulda opened the fiction novel I started years ago…and I shoulda added a bit to it.

I shoulda done any of these things…and I coulda, if I hadn’t been so bored…and I woulda, if I’d thought about ’em…

I shoulda…coulda…woulda…

But I didn’t.

And, now I can’t ’cause it’s time to go to bed. Oh, well…in the words of a true procrastinator – there’s always tomorrow. And, tomorrow? Well, we’ll see.

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  1. J.Doe

    shoulda, woulda and coulda make the world go ’round. Or as they say “tomorrow is another day.”
    Don’t worry about it. Everyone needs a day off.

  2. j

    But you didn’t do what you really were supposed to do. Go to a bar and get a green beer and sing a chorus of “When Irish Eyes are Smiling.” Happy St Pat’s Day from an Italian American to an American expat in Italy!

  3. sognatrice

    Oh this is too weird…I had one of those days yesterday too (although I ended up spending most of it reading new blogs) and was going to call you. Then I thought, “No, it’s Saturday–Cherrye must be doing something!” Hah! That’ll learn me đŸ˜‰

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