Love Thursday: Let the GOLD Times Roll

Last Thursday we discussed new marriages and fairytale weddings, and, I don’t know about you, but I felt a twinkle in my toes all week. (Of course, it could be the drinks I’ve been downing at this year’s UBP, but I’m not admitting to anything!)

But, this week, I have the Ultimate Love Thursday post. Ladies and gentlemen of the blogosphere, it is my great honour (see, saying it in British makes it that much more regal) to present to you, on the weekend of the anniversary of 50 blissfully married years…Maw Maw and Papa.

Oh, what I wouldn’t give to have an electronic version of their wedding picture – taken 50 years ago this Sunday – to show you here. Close your eyes and imagine it. (Well, open your eyes, read this, then close your eyes and imagine it.)
The fresh faces of two young lovers…her with her thick black hair classically tied up, him with the same shy smile and fresh-out-of-the-military crew cut, standing behind a small three-tiered, blue-flowered wedding cake, slicing the first bite.
To hear them tell the love story is enchanting. Her sister was already married to his brother, and they knew these two would be perfect together. So, they set it up.
“We’re going out to see a movie tonight,” her sister told her. “Ernest wants you to come.”
“There’s a new movie we want to see,” his brother said. “Shirley asked if you were coming.”
It worked.
Now 6 children, 24 grandchildren, and 27 great-grandchildren later…more in love than ever.They are celebrating this weekend, with family and friends at the same hometown mansion where my own friends hosted a bridal shower only five months ago.

My grandfather prepared a hand-written list for the DJ. Number one on the list? “When a Man Loves a Woman.”

He once told us he prays he lives longer than my grandmother.

“It can only be one day longer,” he added. “But, I want to always be here to take care of her.”

My mother, in all of her comback glory, was quick to reply with, “We hope you’re always here, too. She’s too spoiled now for the rest of us!”

Ah yes. Everyone will be there to celebrate this weekend. Well, almost everyone.

Everyone but us.
But, in my absence I’m sending positive thoughts and prayers for many more years.
Many more happy years.
Many more healthy years.
Auguri Maw Maw and Papa and Happy LT!
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  1. Giulia

    How amazing! I am always touched to read about these special anniversaries. May your grandparents have many more years together as husband and wife! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. cheeky

    Hey Cherrye!
    I’ve missed your blog. I’m back, well sort of! I didn’t drop off the map, just have a lot going on and blogging gets pushed aside. I have some serious catchin up to do. I’ve visited a few times.
    Congratulations to your maw and pa. So amazing. It’s nice to have inspiration like theirs. That is true love.
    Belated congrats to you as well. You were a lovely bride.

  3. keeper of the chocolates

    how wonderful this post is! congrats to your maw maw and papa…that is the sweetest thing that he said! so romantic!
    happy LT!

  4. bleeding espresso

    Aw how cute! At least they didn’t plan the party for just a week before you’d arrive ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Your grandparents are so young compared to mine (who are unfortunately deceased); but they would’ve been married 66 years in November. Of course they weren’t nearly as in love after the first 50 anyway….

  5. Louise

    WOW what an amazing love story!! I pray that that will be me and my hubby in 40 years…yikers we’ll be!
    CONGRATS ON 50 YEARS to your Maw am Paw!!! ALL THE BEST !!

  6. Cherrye

    Thanks, Giula! I hope they have many more years together, too.

    Stacy – Doesn’t that seem like forever?!?

    Thanks, Arlene.

    Yes I will be, Shalet!

    Hey, Cheeky! I am so glad to hear from you! Are you back blogging?!?

    Thanks, Natala!

    He is sooo sweet, Shelbi…well, usually! lol

    Michelle – they are young, huh? I talked to them today. My grandma bought 4 dresses! ha ha

    It is hard to imagine being that “old” isn’t it? They dont seem old, though, Louise!

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