I was half-way through my Love Thursday morning today and still debating about what to write. I thought I would write about how sweet my Peppe was today for sharing tacos with me, even though he doesn’t like Mexican food. Then, I thought I might write about how wonderful Peppe’s dad was for going to the doctor’s office with me this morning to check my sugar levels. But, in the end, I decided to talk about a much larger, and much more obsessive love.

Peppe decided to make this morning our “errand” morning because he knew the lines would be much easier to handle. And, you know what? He was right! At the blood center this morning, there were three people in front of us! At the bank…NO LINE! I know those of you who live in Italy find this hard to believe – but, it is true! We were first. At the bar – no wait! Two cappuccinisubito!

Why you may ask?

Because it was Thursday morning and all good Italians were in downtown Catanzaro Lido at the open air market.

Italians love their markets!

I have been to the market many times here in Italy, and I must admit, I love it, too. So, since we finished our errands so quickly we decided to join our fellow Catanzaresi folks at the market. We were enjoying our passeggiata when I saw a line of the cutest, most chochi lingerie ever!

Ok, well it wasn’t exactly the most chochi lingerie I have ever seen, but it was pretty darn cute for the mercatino.

So, I stopped.

“Can I help you?” The cheerful saleslady asked.

“Yes, but I have a problem,” I attempted and Pep finished for me….
“I don’t know my Italian size.”

“No problem,” she said. “I know American sizes, what size are you?”

So I told her my size and she invited me behind the table to look through her selection.

“You can try them on,” she said.

“In there?” I asked as I pointed to the storage van behind her.

“Si, certo,” she said. “I even have a mirror.”

Well, those of you in Italy know how it works. You crawl into their van, they slam the door shut on you and you try on your clothes. It is dark, and, on days like today, damp and cold. I usually try to avoid the van-doubling-as-a-fitting-room scene, but I had no choice, and hey -it’s Love Thursday, so why not?
I hop into the van, and, as expected, she slams the door shut. I begin to change when I feel a little-too-much breeze on my back. I turn my head only to see the back of the van wide open. Boh!

There were boxes stacked high, so, I figured I was safe. A few seconds later she walks to the back to check on me, a few more minutes later I tap on the door for her to open it, and a few more minutes later, I am the proud owner of two new mercatino lingerie sets.

And, you know what? Now I get the obsession, and I’m in love, too …


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  1. Cassie

    Hey, I’d gladly come visit you if days are like the ones you just described! That sounds so sweet, although I can see the oddness of using the back of someone’s van to change…

  2. Nadine

    I love reading your blog. I so enjoy all the stories about Italy. I hope to one day go. My husband would love to travel anywhere together. I will pray you get a new camera…purely selfish I want more pictures. Have a glorious day.

  3. sognatrice

    I love the market too, but I haven’t been to the one in Catanzaro yet. One week we’ll have to go crazy and CZ on Thursday *and* Soverato on Friday…is too much market never enough?

  4. Confessions of Cleopantha

    What a perfect day. l just love those markets especially the one in rome on sunday mornings Porta Portese there so full of life…

  5. J.Doe

    I love the markets there, but how touching that you and Peppe were sharing Tacos even though he doesn’t like Mexican food. That’s love.

  6. Andrea

    I literally laughed out loud to hear about you crawling in the back of some random van to try on roadside lingerie. Also, does the van door not open from the inside? This whole idea intrigues me…what if the lady didn’t open the van for you when you were ready to go? Is this a typical van, like with wheels that you could drive? What if you got in the van and they drove off with you in it? I’m glad Pep was there, just in case the lady left and you couldn’t get out of the van, or in case of some other “roadside market van doubling as a changing room” emergency. I’m also glad for you that the breeze you felt didn’t mean that you were showing your whole backside to the mercatino. Glad your Thursday was great. Talk to you soon.

  7. Cherrye

    It was a lot of fun, you guys. I really enjoy going. Michelle (and anyone else for that matter) – I am up for Thurs/Fri market days whenever you are. I haven’t been to the one in Soverato!

    Andrea – thanks for posting a comment finally. 🙂 I’m not quite sure what I would have done if she hadn’t opened the door. For a while I think I would have been too embarassed to bang on the door screaming for help. Can you imagine?? ha ha Also, I am pretty sure they are watching out for me, too to make sure I steal all of the merchandise they have stocked inside. I’ll get a camera and take a picture of the “getaway van” for you!

  8. cheeky

    How sweet!I’m new so I hadn’t read the story of how it all started until just now. Really sweet and you two are beautiful.
    The markets sound fabulous. I love markets. Browsing, gazing, people watching, oh and yes even making a few purchases.
    Love Thursday to you both.

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