100 Things About Me

It is time for the procrastination to come to an end! I have done it. 100 Things About Me. So, grab a cup of java, tea, wine, or whatever makes you happy, curl up and enjoy the list!

1. I have seen this post on a few other blogs and
2. I thought it was cute,
3. But, I put off doing one myself cause I knew it would take a long time.
4. I was right.
5. I was born in a little town called Kountze, in southeast Texas
6. There are about 2,000 other people who live there.
7. I have a sister named Charlee who has a friend named Jo. People are always surprised when Charlee and Jo turned out to be two really cute girls.
8. Charlee has a little boy named Cole who is six and he is my favorite nephew (he is also my only nephew, but that is neither here nor there.)
9. He is a genius (that isn’t really about me, now is it…oh well…)
10. My dad is a writer who owned a newspaper when we were growing up.
11. Therefore, we were “famous” (in our town of 2000)
12. In Jr. High I had to ask him to stop writing stuff about me in the papers because the other girls made fun of me…
13. I never got over it…nah, I am joking. I think I am over it…I think…
14. I went to a psychic once who told me my dad was the biggest influence in life.
15. Then, she said, “Either it was good or bad, but it was an influence”…
16. I wondered how “psychic” she could be if she didn’t know my dad was a good influence.
17. My mom works at a Jr. High school. They call them Middle Schools now, but they will always be Jr. Highs to me. I wonder why they changed that?
18. I was offered a role on the TV show Dallas when I was a kid.
19. But my parents didn’t get the message (pre-cell phone days) in time to call my agent.
20. They didn’t tell me about this until years later, when my mom let it slip.
21. I wasn’t happy.
22. I have an adorable doggie name Sophia Lauren who people keep taking from me.
23. Seriously, a girl we call the PdP tried to take her once. You can read about that here and here.
24. And, since I go to Texas so often, Peppe’s Aunt Maria has affectionately taken her over.
25. I am ok with that, though, because I can’t always be here to take care of Sophie, so I am glad she has Aunt Maria.
26. Sophia had 4 puppies in November (This is still about me, since that means we are surrounded by canines!)
27. Two got new homes, and two are still with “us”. By “us” I mean Aunt Maria…
28. Peppe loves one of the dogs and has never really looked for a home for him. We named him Meatball…we call him Meat. Isn’t that a funny name for a dog??? Meat?
29. So, going back a bit – I was a cheerleader in high school for four years. We went to National competition every year. We were pretty good – not “Bring It On” good, but pretty good the same.
30. I tore my ACL one hour before National Competition my Senior year. I tried to be a “hero,” tape it up, and get back out there, but I fell on my face when I took one step.
31. So, I sat in the crowd and watched my squad perform a modified version of the routine we spent 6 months perfecting.
32. After HS, I went to college at Lamar University in Beaumont, TX.
33. After I recovered from my ACL surgery, I tried out for cheerleader, there, too.
34. We didn’t have football, so cheering for basketball wasn’t as much fun. It was a co-ed team, though, which made up for it!
35. Also in college I was (ahem…I still am) an Alpha Chi Omega.
36. I was actually president of our chapter of Alpha Chi Omega my Senior year.
37. After college I went to work at Walt Disney World in Orlando.
38. Those were some of my best times…no college stress, no boyfriend stress, just good times in a great city with great friends.
39. One day I read about a job exchange program at Disneyland Paris in France.
40. I applied even though I didn’t speak a word of French.
41. Somehow I got the job.
42. When I was working at DLP (Disneyland Paris) I met a very handsome Italian. You can read more about him here. (wink wink)
43. After I lived in Paris I dreamed of becoming a successful travel writer.
44. But, I couldn’t afford it.
45. So, I went to work at my Alma Mater organizing, planning, coordinating, and directing student programs like New Student Orientation, Freshman Year Experience, Week of Welcome, Leadership Lamar Conference, a bit of Greek life, and so on…
46. I absolutely loved that job.
47. It lead me to create a new company with my best friend (who also has a background in training and development) called Red Couch Communications.
48. My sweetie and I are opening a B&B here in Catanzaro.
49. We aren’t quite ready yet (as of March 07), but we hope to be soon.
50. We had our first unofficial guests earlier in the month. There are few pics posted here.
51. On a different note, I am absolutely addicted to beauty products.
52. I don’t, however, have a fear of getting old.
53. I have a fear of looking old.
54. So, I am a slave to facial and body moisturizers.
55. But, I have sensitive skin,
56. So, I have to be careful which products I use.
57. I love alpha-hydroxy products.
58. When I was in Texas I used to get pedicures about once a month or so.
59. I haven’t had a professional one done in almost a year.
60. I did not, however, get manicures.
61. They always made my nails weaker.
62. I also love getting professional massages,
63. But, I don’t love paying for them, so I don’t get them often.
64. I am a total “girly-girl”
65. But I am cheap….not a great combination!
66. I am obsessed with shoes
67. And purses.
68. I love them all, pretty much.
69. I have both shoes and purses that cost as low as two bucks (on sale, obviously in the states)
70. I have both shoes and purses that cost much more…
71. But, not outrageously more, cause like I said in #65, I am cheap.
72. I don’t like people to buy me presents that cost more than I would spend on myself.
73. I am, normally, a very independent person.
74. It is hard living here sometimes because I have to be dependent on Peppe for some very basic things, like making phone calls, finding someone to hem my pants, taking me to the pharmacy.
75. I don’t know that I am the same person who moved here almost a year ago,
76. But, I can’t explain how I have changed.
77. I am getting married in November in Beaumont, TX.
78. I had an American engagement…sort of…you can read about it here if you are interested.
79. I spend too much time writing blog posts
80. And reading other peoples’ blog posts
81. And not enough time working on RCC , the B&B, or planning my wedding.
82. One of my favorite TV series of all time (or, of recent time, if you prefer) is Alias.
83. I wanted to be Sidney Bristo.
84. So, on a whim I applied for a job with the CIA.
85. They called me for an interview.
86. I tanked! BAD!
87. Another one of my new favorite shows is Ally McBeal.
88. I know it isn’t a new show, but I just got into it when Peppe bought one or two DVDs from Season One at the newsstand last year.
89. Then I got obsessed, and he finished buying Season One for me. When I came back to Italy in October, he had a surprise for me…Season Two.
90. Two days ago I received an email verifying my purchase of Season Three, Season Four, and Season Five. I called Peppe to tell him THANK YOU for my new presents. He said he wanted it to be a surprise, so I asked him why he gave them my email address. He didn’t say, but I think it was because he didn’t want to get spammed. Ha Ha…oh well! I was thrilled. Now I will be an even bigger procrastinator from my work…because I will be watching Ally.
91. Maybe instead of watching Ally, I should be in the kitchen trying to learn how to cook, since, well, I can’t.
92. I can make a really good jambalaya, good chili (with the seasoning from the pouch, does that count), and tacos! Peppe’s dad thinks everything I make is Messicana. I can’t convince him that jambalaya and chili are not from Mexico. He said something last time I made tacos about wanting to get a sombrero…whatever floats his boat!
93. I say the word “like” waaaay too often when I speak English.
94. I actually say it so often, that my friend’s grandfather started calling me “Like Cherrye.”
95. I also write like I think and talk…which is often without proper punctuation and in run on sentences that seem to go on and on forever and ever and then I have to go back and try to decide where to put the commas, only, to, end up, putting too many, commas, in all, the wrong, places…see!?!
96. I wrote a children’s book last Christmas Eve (2005) for my nephew, Cole.
97. I have tried to clean it up a bit and I have sent it out to a few publishers and/or agents…no luck.
98. It is my goal this year, in addition to starting the B&B, working on RCC, and getting married, to get that book into the right hands.
99. I think writing 100 Things About Me was kinda fun, and was definitely easier than I thought it would be.
100. But, it will be a little while before I begin anew with “Another 100 Things…”

6 Responses
  1. cheeky

    I can’t believe you applied for a job with the cia? WOW! You go girl! That takes some confidence.
    I know you just wanted to dress up in the cool couture, get to be a different character every week, travel around the world, and learn some serious martial arts! HAH! I should have applied, hee hee.
    Everything happens for a reason. If you had become a child actor, you probably wouldn’t have met your man . . .aawww.

  2. sognatrice

    You did it! I see a lot of Summit influence in there đŸ˜‰ But I didn’t know about the ACL…wow did that suck!!!!!

  3. j

    Well that was quit a list.

    OK, word association.
    Cherrye =
    good blogger
    small town Texan in Italy
    whacky…hmmm, I keep coming back to that word (but I mean it in a good way).

  4. Nadine

    The CIA…now that would have been interesting…congratulations on the up coming marriage. I loved the show Dallas!

    You wrote a children’s book…how interesting…I hope you get it published. Good luck with the B&B. Very interesting facts.

  5. Cherrye

    Ha…you guys know me too well. I did just want to be in the CIA for the costumes and world travel. The problem is – I am not a very good liar! I wouldn’t have made it through my first assignment!

    Sognatrice – It did suck, but now I can predict the rain…

    Delina and Nadine – yes I was nearly on Dallas as someone’s kid…I was never that much into the show…thank goodness!

    J – HA! Funny list. Whacky is ok…I can live with whacky. Or, as Peppe says “pazza”!

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