Asked and Answered: Top Five Italian Curse Words and Flirty Terms of the Week

One of my new favorite hobbies is going through my Stat Counter and Lijit reports and discovering which terms readers search to reach this blog. Popular terms include “Pasta Puttanesca Recipe,” “How Do You Eat a Persimmon” and “Things You Shouldn’t Say in Italy” – and we’ll get back to that in a minute.

It is an eye-opening experience, glimpsing into the mind of the average Italophile Internet-searcher, and it brings a certain responsibility that I refuse to take lightly.

So, you asked-or someone did!-and now I’ll answer. Here are five of the most interesting terms that were searched this week on My Bella Vita.

Google News website screenshot
photo credit: Spencer E Holtaway

1. Che Cazzo Fa

See? I told you we’d get back to things you should say.

Che Cazzo Fa is literally translated as “What the …” wait, we’ve been over this. I’ve already warned you about this one.

2. You Dirty Pig in Italian

You dirty pig-or brutto porco-is yet another example of something you shouldn’t really say. I pressed my husband for details on this expression and his words to me, and thus to you, were, “Cherrye, you shouldn’t really say it. It is not very … classy.”

He did, however, admit that friends freely toss this term around when joking with each other.

3. Why Do Italians Say Ma Va

I almost fell out of my chair reading this because I instantly envisioned a young Italian-American struggling to decipher the words his grandmother muttered in moments of frustration as she walked around her kitchen table.

Seriously, can’t you see it?

She’s walking around the room, an over-sized moo-moo like dress hanging to her knees-in my vision it is white with tiny red and pink flowers-and she’s throwing her hands into the air in utter annoyance, muttering, “ma va …”

Ok. I’m back.

Anyway, dear Google searcher, your grandmother-yes, I’m still hung up on that-says ma va as a precursor to the granddaddy of Italian expressions, “ma vafaculo.”

And no. It isn’t nice to say.

4. Flirting with Italian Men

Interestingly enough, my blogging pal, Jessica of Why Go Italy recently wrote an article about impressing Italians. Her tips might help if you’re looking to date one or take him home to mamma. I’d also recommend you flirt unabashedly.

They do.

And you know … when in Rome.

5. Should I Sleep with an Italian Man

Seriously, I could not make this stuff up.

So, honey, if you re-Google this or come back here on the seemingly off-chance that I answered your question, you are in luck.

My initial thought was, “it works for me!”

But then I decided to go the more responsible route and reply with “get to know your partner and use a condom. Or just in case he doesn’t speak English … un preservativo!

Bloggers, have you had any funny search terms come up in your stats lately? Please share. And readers, feel free to leave a comment or question.

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  1. I love looking at my search engine terms/phrases. Of course the top traffic earner is monokini (more than 300 searches for monokini have brought people to my blog)…which I posted about a few weeks back. I’ve gotten some interesting ones lately…6 for “armpit fat”, 4 for “nether region”, and 1 for “hot mess lotion”.

    I have recently also started getting traffic from a blog that has automatically linked me in the “other blogs you might enjoy”. I cannot post it here, because the blog address is so bad, and so is the post. I can tell you privately but you may laugh but would probably be very embarassed. Maybe not since the Dear Abby in you advocated sleeping with Italian men, and being responsible by using condoms.

    PS…I love the thought of some grandma somewhere saying ma va.

    Your comment is making me lol. I’m definitely gonna ask you about that blog!

  2. My top searches that brought folks to my blog have been:
    ricotta cheese cookies
    how to eat spaghetti
    proper way to eat spaghetti
    review refererx

    So there you have it. Nothing special. But my previous blog brought these goofy things:
    Red-headed children
    Fat woman haircut
    fat chic hair cut
    red-headed babies

    I happen to be on the plus size, posted about my haircut once, and have adorable grandbabies with red hair. lol…

    Ha, yea some of those are pretty funny.

    .-= Michelle @ Italian Mama Chef´s last blog ..Homemade lasagna =-.

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