Earth Day 2009: Il Cedro is Going Green

Today is Earth Day 2009, a day set aside for us to appreciate our environment and although the Going Green movement has picked up in recent years, honoring our earth is nothing new.

Earth Day Flag

Today’s Earth Day celebration marks the 39th anniversary of its conception and an anticipated 500 million people and governments in 175 different countries are expected to participate.

I know we are.

For a long time, my husband and I have discussed how our bed and breakfast can Go Green. But according to an online article in’s travel section, it’s not easy. Grossman lists ways the travel industry can do its part to help the environment and we are taking many of his tips to heart.

We have already reduced energy with our washing and drying techniques and only turn on outside lights at dusk when we have guests. The ceiling fans are deactivated during the winter months so guests don’t inadvertently leave them on throughout the day. Heating units are turned off when the room is vacant.

As of today, Il Cedro Bed and Breakfast will:

– Have a separate recycle container available for guests.

– Place Going Green cards in each of our rooms, asking guests to indicate if and when they need new linens.

We are in the process of installing energy efficient light bulbs and shopping for non-toxic cleaners.

It feels good to Go Green and we are constantly searching for new ways we can help the environment. If you are looking for ways you can help, check out Bleeding Espresso’s Going Green series where she offers tips, suggestions and advice for people wanting to Go Green.

Have you visited a hotel or B&B that has Gone Green? What did they do? What tips can you share with us to help Il Cedro Get Green?

Happy Earth Day!

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  1. Do you throw out your vegetable peelings and other organic waste with the trash? Or do you compost them? Composting (or burying the organic waste) is an easy way to reduce your trash load and help you enrich your garden soil too.
    I haven’t even HEARD of composting. Sounds interesting-and kinda fun. Thanks for the tip!
    Ciaochowlinda’s last blog post..Pork Loin Stuffed With Prunes and Apricots

  2. Plant a tree, or two or three. The best thing we can do for climate change and one of the main reasons we are in this mess, too much pavement, not enough trees.
    Oh yes, we definitely have a lot of trees! We are surrounded by them … not much room for more, actually. I do want to plant some plants after we finish our new house, though.
    running42k’s last blog post..Success

  3. Leslie

    All of your ideas sound great. I have started using the ‘greenworks’ cleaners at my house and they are great. They have a really clean smell to them as well. Good luck going green…every little bit helps 🙂
    I’ll have to see if they sell those here in Italy. Thanks for the tip.

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