Unlike America, Catholic churches in Italy don’t give palm leaves for Palm Sunday services. What a shock! (You can read more about this unusual habit in last year’s Palm Sunday post.)

So, this year I was prepared. I arrived just in time to purchase this.

Apparently, Father Alessandro had already blessed this leaf, so the price went up. Or, it was inflation. Either way, we paid the man double what we paid last year – a whopping 2 euro – before heading to Mass.

But, I think it was worth it. Don’t you?

Happy LT, everyone!

I was planning to describe the 500 people spilling from the piazza for Mass, with Padre Ale’s voice booming from the front, accompanied by a slightly off-key church choir. I was going to tell you about the group of 30-something men who stood at the back of the square smoking cigs, or the 80-something white-haired grandmother who chatted on her cell…but you aren’t interested in that. This is Love Thursday, so enjoy!

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  1. Cherrye

    Michelle, tell me about it! Two Euro! ha ha

    Running – it actually was funny. The priest RAN through it in 25 minutes!

  2. Cherrye

    Oh, they had those, too, G! BUNCHES of ’em.

    I would Andrea, and believe me, I was tempted, but I’m scared ppl will beat me and take my camera! lol

    Natala – It is fund-raising, only the personal kind! 🙂

  3. Shalet

    What a wonderful adventure for you living in Italy! I want to join you! Gorgeous shot and Happy Love Thursday!

  4. Bonggamom

    You have to buy the palms in the Philippines too, but they are also intricately braided and designed, like the one you’ve shown, not just plain old leaves like the freebies here in the US. You get what you pay for — and I like the fancy ones better!

  5. Cherrye

    Come on, Shalet!

    Janet, these leaves are very pretty. Like Bongamom says, “You get what you pay for!”

    Mylablog – they are much neater than the freebies. They have options, too!

    Arlene – you couldn’t hear it anyway. I was shocked when it was over. We had time for a little passeggiata.

    Bongamom, the fancy ones are fun. Not sure if you clicked and read last year’s post on it, but last year I saw people who had tucked chocolate candy eggs into their leaves. Ha!!

    Thank you, Nadine. I saved half for Pep’s Easter basket.

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