First of the Month Recipe: Pancetta and Porcini Pappardelle

My husband is convinced he is the Italianized version of Chef Gordon Ramsey and prides himself on identifying flavors and duplicating restaurant-style dishes.

And he is pretty good. Sometimes he even yells in the kitchen …

So today I present to you

Peppe’s Triple P Pasta or rather, Pancetta and Porcini Pappardelle

This Calabrese specialty is easily prepared in 30 minutes and is a refreshing change from a traditional tomato-based pasta dish.


>> Pancetta (125 grams)
>> Porcini Mushrooms (250 grams)
>> Tomato Sauce (one large can)
>> Fresh Pepper (1/2 pepper)
>> Olive Oil
>> Garlic
>>Fresh Basil (4-5 leaves)
>> Mushroom Flavored Bouillon Cube (3/4 cube)
>> Fresh Pappardelle Pasta (400 grams)
>> Fresh Parmesan Cheese (grated on top)


1. Boil salted water for pasta.

2. Brown garlic and pancetta in olive oil.

3. Add porcini, pepper and bouillon cube and cook until water evaporates.

4. Stir in tomato sauce and cook 10-15 minutes.

5. Add fresh basil and cook no more than 2 minutes.

6. Toss in fresh Pappardelle pasta.

7. Sprinkle Parmesan cheese on top and serve.


5 Responses
  1. Mmm, sounds good. I made a dish with fresh pappardelle a few weeks back. Have to tell ya- I had a difficult time with those fat slippery noodles. Think I have to sick to something thinner 😉
    Ha. Maybe you should make them more al dente next time?? lol

  2. My zia made something very similar to this when I was in Italy. It is delicious!! Thanks for the recipe now I can try it at home 🙂
    Great. I hope you like it. Now you “can go back” to Calabria, anytime you want.

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