Travel Tip Tuesday: Saving €uros in Italy Series, Cheap Sleeps

Travel Tip Tuesday

Accommodations eat up the largest percentage of vacation money, so finding a budget hotel in Italy is crucial for travelers looking to save a few euros. In Part III of our month-long series of Saving €uros in Italy, I present Cheap Sleeps: Five Ways to Save Money on Accommodations in Italy.

Il Cedro Bed and Breakfast Catanzaro Italy

1. Bed and Breakfasts

So maybe I am biased, but I think staying in a bed and breakfastespecially if you are in Catanzaro (wink, wink)-is the way to go. I’ve explained the differences between B&Bs and hotels in Italy, so if aren’t sure about them,  check out this post.

However, it is safe to say that in most places in Italy, you will find a bed and breakfast for €10, €20, even €30 per person less, per night, than a nearby hotel.

2. Hostels

The word “hostel” brings to mind dorm-style rooms, shared bathrooms and all-night parties, but all hostels are not created equally. It is a good idea to read reviews and not automatically exclude a place that calls itself a hostel. If you aren’t a particularly discerning traveler, you might prefer to save €30 a night and go ahead a share a bathroom.

I especially recommend hostels for independent travelers, as they are a great place to meet other like-minded travelers bouncing around the bel paese.

Veneto, Agriturismo Terrebianche, Padova 11
photo credit: Toprural

3. Agriturismi

Sometimes called a farm house, an Italian argriturismo is often set in the country and offers breakfast, lunch and dinner options. As with hotels, there is a large range of prices and amenities with agriturismi, so read reviews, ask specifically what is included, what is available for an additional fee and do the math.

I’ve seen some agriturismi include lunch or dinner for an additional €10, which is a steal. I’ve also seen them charge upwards of €30, which might not be the best way to travel if you are on a budget.

4. Apartment Rentals

Hotels, B&Bs, hostels and other types of accommodations in Italy set their fees on a per person basis, not per room like we do in the US. If you are traveling with a large family, this could quickly add up. If you plan to stay in one area for one week or more, consider renting an apartment.

You will have the added option of cooking some meals, allowing you to save even more on your Italian vacation.

5. Convents

Yep. You read that right-convents. According to Jessica at Why Go Italy, convents and monasteries are a great option for budget-conscience travelers. Even though they may set curfews or impose rules you wouldn’t see at traditional hotels, if you are looking to save some euros,  it is worth checking out.

And just for fun, here are three more tips for lining up cheap sleeps.

– Hotels that are away from major attractions are usually less expensive. Consider staying outside of the city and commuting or organizing day trips.

– If you plan to do a lot of train travel, considering taking a night train and sleeping there. Most train stations have showers and restrooms where you can freshen up before heading out for a day of sight-seeing.

– As travel costs continue to soar, couch surfing is becoming a more appealing option for many travelers. As always, be careful and cautious and use good judgment. For more information, visit

What about you, budget-traveler? Do you have any good tips you can share with us for finding budget accommodations in Italy?

Until next time … Buon Viaggio!

4 Responses
  1. Thanks for the kind words and link to the voting!

    I especially agree with you on B&B’s. I just prefer them.

    1 -for getting to know the people who own it, who are a great local resource. and

    2 – because breakfast is generally included in the price- saving you money on one meal a day!

    Maybe I am biased … but I agree. 🙂
    .-= My Melange´s last blog ..Travel Tip Tuesday | Nighty Nite-Don’t Let The Bed Bugs Bite! =-.

  2. When my wife and I were in Italy a couple of years ago, we did many of the things you suggest. we stayed in an apartment in Florence with our daughter for a few days. She then departed and took off on our own. We rented a small villa in Asciano which we used as a base for day trips (and yes, we could cook, do laundry, etc., which was great). We stayed at a wonderful B&B in Cinque Terre (La Casa de Limone), and finished with a neat old hotel back in Florence before flying home. Our choices weren’t always selected for being the cheapest, but we thought they were great value and, above all, really made for a fabulous experience.

    I think you made a great point about cost/value there, Peter. Staying in the cheapest place isn’t always your best option. You might have saved money by being able to cook, etc …

  3. Marie

    We had our recent trip arranged through a travel agent in Italy. We really did well with his hotel selections. Each of the small hotels were in great locations. We visited Rome, Assisi, Florence, Milan, and we walked everywhere within those cities. My husband and I used the trains to travel between the cities and had a great time doing it. On our final night in Rome, we saw Bruce Springsteen in concert at the Olympic Stadium. The concert started at 10:30pm and it was over at 1:30pm. It took us over two hours to get a taxi back to our hotel. If not for an American woman who lives in Italy and helped us get a taxi, we’d still be waiting outside the stadium. This was our second trip to Italy and we are looking forward to visiting again. Thanks for all your hints about traveling, customs, etc.

    Prego, Marie. I am so happy to hear that you had a good experience. That Springsteen concert sounds awesome!

  4. Liz

    I’ve lurked on the blog for a number of months now and always enjoy the tips, stories, etc.

    Two things I’ve had good success with for cheap lodging are 1) travel in the off-season when prices are lower and 2) negotiate a discount for paying with cash, rather than a credit card.

    Good tips on traveling in off season. Also, trying to negotiate the cash payment could definitely pay off in some places. Thanks.

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