Fight Like an (American) Girl in Catanzaro

Fight like an (american) girl in Catanzaro

It has been a week of firsts for me … my first Mother’s Day, which was celebrated beautifully by husband and son … my first afternoon of back-to-back-to-back phone calls with travel consulting clients … even a first-of many, no doubt-conversations with my newly engaged sister about wedding dresses and colors. But there was one first that, as *fun* as it might have been, I could have done without.

Last night I attended my first ever international “Bye Bye Boobie” party.

One of my expat friends here in Catanzaro was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. It was diagnosed on a whim and before she knew it, they had her scheduled for a mastectomy-a surgery that will take place in less than an hour of when I’m writing this post.

In typical “this girl” style, she’s taken this thing by collar and vowed to kick “his” ass. We planned a “Bye Bye Boobie” party and met at the hospital last night for the festa. There were cookies, pink lemonade, balloons and pink, pink, pink, pink, pink. The girls wore ribbons that said, “Fight Like a Girl-Kick Cancer’s Ass,” while the guys’ ribbons said, “Do you like boobies? So do I!”

Our friend, who no doubt heard our English cries of, “Is she in this room? “No!” “Is she in that one?” “No!” bounced out to greet us with a big smile and a tray of cookies and much to the disapproval of her 60+ year old roommates, was having too much fun to be sick.

Employees passed us in the hallway wearing her ribbons as Italian and English-speaking friends poured into the room.

My friend is facing this challenger with the heart of Holyfield and the fierceness of Foreman and we are pulling for her.

So, here’s hoping she floats like a butterfly through her surgery today and beats the mess out of this faceless opponent.

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  1. Wow, what a story Cherrye. All those firsts and meeting a challenge like breast cancer with such great attitudes is truly admirable. I’m rootin for the Pink team!

  2. Michele Connors

    Great you could be there for your friend, Cherrye. It’s so important to be there for other expats! Sounds like she is fighting hard, I bet she will win.

  3. I am late commenting as I have been absent from the blog sphere, but I wanted to let you know I think your friend is great. My Mum was in this position herself a number of years ago and is now a breast cancer survivor of 85. It can be beaten.

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