Reader Question: Best Villages to See by Train

I posted a note to my Facebook page last week inviting readers to send in their Calabria or southern Italy travel questions. I got a few fun ones that I’m looking forward to tackling over the next few months, but for today’s question we’re sticking to transportation.

We hit on this a bit last month when Anne from New Jersey wanted me to compare car rentals vs private car services, but sometimes personal preferences or budget restraints prevent either.

Today’s question addresses what you can see in Calabria if you can’t get a car.


Can you suggest a tour of the best villages/towns accessible by train or bus for a one or two day trip?


Thanks, Lee. While it is true that I would never recommend someone visit Calabria without a car, I can appreciate the fact that renting a car isn’t always a viable option.

For the purposes of this question, Lee, I’m going to assume you are heading south (ie, from the Naples area, rather than from Sicily or Puglia) via train. If that’s the case, you’ll want to minimize your train time-and maximize your beach time-by visiting a village in northern Calabria.

I just wrote about Scalea, a charming seaside town on the Tyrrhenian coast. In addition to having that fortified fortress and sandy beaches, the train station is located within easy walking distance to all of the best sights and there is plenty to keep you busy there for a few days.

If you’d like to venture a tad farther south, then consider Diamante. One of my favorite guides-and restauranteurs-is based there and we can arrange a one or two-day escorted tour where he can help you explore the ruins at Cirella, guide you through the murals in Diamante, introduce you to local wines and share some Calabrian cuisine secrets with private cooking lessons and/or lunch.

I hope that helps, Lee.

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  1. lee laurino

    thank you so much, as soon as i get to a location where i can spend more than 12 hours I want to read all these details!

    this could be the start of next trip!

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