Hey, Joe Blow! This Post is for You.

Today is San Giuseppe Day and Joes, Josephs, Giuseppes, Peppes, Gius and Giusys throughout the world are celebrating their namesake. Well, maybe not throughout the world … but they could. And in fact, I think they should.

March 19 is the day Italians remember Saint Joseph who, according to an article published in the Guarda! Column at Italy Mag, saved Sicily from famine in the Middle Ages by providing them with fava beans, which still play a large role in southern Italian celebrations.

In addition to Joes, La Festa di San Giuseppe honors Saint Joseph as Jesus’ stepfather and pays tribute to all fathers throughout Italy-and what better way to honor them than with some of the best sweets this side of the Atlantic?

Just look at that zeppole, won’t you?

Thinking about making these deep fried Italian doughnuts for the fathers in your life? Well, look no further. Here are a few mouth-watering recipes that will send your taste buds into overdrive.


Adriana’s Italian Gourmet Cookies

Diana’s Desserts

Auguri to all of the Giuseppes out there, the Italian fathers and to all of the fathers who are with us today in both body and spirit.

Have you ever had these Father’s Day cream puffs? Have you ever made them yourselves? If so, leave a link to your favorite recipes in the comments!

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  1. carol

    My nonna used to make zeppole for my Dad and I have such fond memories of those childhood treats.
    I bet my Mom’s making them today!
    Auguri to Peppe!
    That is so sweet!! The one I had today wasn’t homemade, but it was good.

  2. Happy St. Josephs Day! I am addicted to your site and stayed up way too late last night reading everything..still so much more to read! LOVE IT!! Hope to see some Easter Bread Recipes soon too!
    Oh you are right … that is coming up, too. I can’t catch back up. I don’t feel any pressure. Nope. None at all. 🙂
    dawn’s last blog post..Aunt Teresa

  3. Hey Joe! That’s the most attractive portrait of St. Joseph that I’ve ever seen. Most of the time he looks old and put upon. But the baby looks nothing like him. Hmmm….
    Anyway, auguri Peppe!
    Isn’t it nice? He wasn’t always old, was he?

  4. HI Cherrye! le zeppole di San Giuseppe… Yum! My sister the pastry maker just called me to go get some at her place:) I was just in your backyard by the way. I was keeping an eye out for signs for il Cedro while driving through Catanzaro. I’ll be posting on Catanzaro soon. Ciao and hope you’re doing well.
    Oh no, Joe. I hate we missed you when you were in town. We’ll have to meet up next time, for sure. Happy Joe Day, btw.

  5. maryann

    Poor me! I was going to post my pastries today but they all deflated! lol. I fed them to the squirrel gang off my balcony. They loved them 🙂
    Oh no! I looked at your site yesterday when I was preparing this post. I figured you would have made them.
    maryann’s last blog post..Coffee and Cookies

  6. Where did you find that picture of Joseph and Child? I’ve never seen anything like it…fantastic!
    Thanks. It was on Flickr. If you click the link below the photo it will take you to the site.

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