Catanzaro Has Pretty Doors, Too!

Joe of Italyville and Robin of My Melange, two of my favorite leisure-time blog reads, recently discussed their favorite Italian doors and arches.

But,  Catanzaro has pretty doors and arches, too, dangit!

And, I’ll prove it.

Oh, yes. These are two of the many doors and arches you can find in Catanzaro and throughout Calabria. Why don’t you come visit and see some for yourself?

Until then …

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  1. While I have a weakness for the first arches, I have to say that the other ones are more beautiful than the architectural glory of a Big Mac.

  2. Isn’t she pretty, Michelle?

    Oh, no, Linda. Have you been to McDs in Milano? Did you have to pay for the ketchup?

    Running – I’d love to go to Portugal! Sometimes I feel guilty taking pics of doors, cause I’m not sure who is behind them!

  3. Cherie~

    Hey, Grazie mille for the link love:) And you are so right…those are some pretty doors. The second is my fav!!!

    And thanks for the invite….I’ll be right over 😉

  4. That’s a great door Cherrye. I’ve been wondering if my front door would look that beautiful if I neglect it for, say 50 years? I’d probably just need a new door…..

  5. Lovely photos! I’m not a big McDonalds fan but every few months I MUST HAVE a Big Mac or life will not continue. I would love to visit Italy and am very envious of lifestyle.

  6. Melissa

    Great pictures. Some of my own favorite snapshots from Italy are doors, arches and random walkways. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Louise

    I would LOVE to come see them for myself!!….sigh….someday!
    I cannot believe $20.00 for your meals at McDonalds so much for a ‘cheap’ meal!!
    Have a great day!

  8. I’m still waiting, MM! And, you are welcome!

    Thank you, Maryann.

    I lol at your comment, Joe. I don’t think I’d have good luck either!

    Thanks, LA Blogger Gal.

    I’m not a McD’s fan at all, Jan. But, that billboard…let me tell you!

    Aren’t they all so quaint, Melissa?

    I know, Louise, it was crazy!! $20. Pluease!

    Ha ha…here you are J. Out and about with all of your cheesiness!!

  9. figcharlie

    I love those doorways that Italians put up in the middle of nowhere with no walls around them. Got any of those in Catanzaro? xx

  10. lisa moitozo caplan

    Hi Cherrye, I just got back from my trip to Calabria and Sorrento with my sisters Carol Marylou and my mom Theresa…oh, so sorry, that’s Rigina Theresa. We had a wonderful time thanks to you and your terrific husband Pepe. And my sister Carol of course! And yes they have fab doors and dont forget the little corso’s and steps to ??? Also the PEOPLE …they are just too kind. Thanks again for the memorable trip and I’ll dream of my next visit.. Carol and I recorded a little song we made up, maybe she will share it with you 🙂 ciao for now Lisa

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