Birthday Wishes for Mom

At what point do we grow up and really meet our parents? I can’t recall the first time I saw my mother, not as “my mom,” but as another person.

My mother is a woman. A wife. A friend. But, when did I meet her?

It wasn’t here…

Or, here…

My mother was quite possibly the best mom any child could hope for…yet, I didn’t really appreciate it. I took it for granted when she stayed up late helping me with homework. I wasn’t grateful when she worked during the day, and then drove me an hour and a half round-trip to dance lessons. I didn’t say “thank you” when she enrolled me in acting class and drove me to Houston several times a week because “I could do what Laura does on Little House on the Prairie.” I thought all mothers did those things.

She never missed a Jr. High basketball game, volleyball match, or track meet. She was at every game I cheered in for four years of high school and a year of college. She attended every mother’s social for my sorority, and every college event, when I asked her to go.

Even now she edits my query letters and book proposals and doesn’t laugh when I forget to add yeast when making bagels.

This weekend she will celebrate her birthday, and I sure wish I was there – or, she was here.

If she was here, I’d take her to our favorite seafood restaurant, nestled in the hills between Catanzaro and Lamezia. I wouldn’t order wine, ’cause that’s not her thing, but I’d get a big ‘ole coke – and ask for ice. Afterwards, I would take her to Catanzaro Lido for a super-sized gelato and a stroll along the lungomare. And, I’d make her try limoncello – again!

Sadly for me, she is not here, so that mother-daughter date will remain a figment of my imagination, possibly forever. Instead, I will take the opportunity to finally tell her thank you.

Thank you for always putting us first.

Thank you for being strong, so we could always depend on you.

Thank you for being the kind of mother I pray I will be.

Happy Birthday, Mom. I sure am glad I got to know you.

Be sure to visit Barb at Art and Barb Live in Italy for this week’s edition of la buona cucina americana, and some good old-fashioned scalloped potatoes!

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  1. Linda

    Dang Cherrye! Now you got me all emotional and missing my mom when I should be working. You’re worse than a long-distance telephone commercial. Scherzo!
    You really do have a super mom. Hope you get to meet up with her soon.

  2. maddiesmommy&daddy

    Yup, aren’t our moms great? I do wish Aunt Jeannie a very happy birthday and a blessed year. You should go and enjoy those things with Pep in honor of your mom anyway. It might be able to make you feel a little closer to home.

  3. j

    That was nice. And it looks like you have her eyes. And it also made me wonder if there is something you are not telling about being a mom (you don’t have to tell, I’m not trying to pry).

  4. Greg

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  5. Rhea

    This was such a touching post! I feel the same way about my mother…and I’m so sad I don’t have a daughter to eventually share that same relationship with. My mom is my best friend. Your mom sounded wonderful! :o)

  6. marina

    ok, now you made me cry these is so well said and I can answer at what point I did see my mom for who she was “when I became a mom my self” marina

  7. Tanya

    what a beautiful post. I hope my children will be able to look back years from now and think some of the same things.
    By the way, you look so much like your mom in that top picture, well from what I can see in your profile pic lol.
    Happy Birthday to your mama!

  8. qualcosa di bello

    that is a marvelous birthday tribute to your momma! i am sure that you have put a tear or two in her eyes…you sure did in mine. what a great example…

  9. Cherrye

    Thank you, MK.

    Grazie, Michelle. She had a good day.

    Running – 🙂

    Thank you, Janet.

    Linda – I do, too! I know I will be there in July!

    Good idea, Brandy! We did “celebrate” all day by going to the soccer game and having homemade hot chocolate!

    J – you made me laugh out loud! Nope. Nothing to hide/ nothing to tell!!

    Thank you, Greg. I saw your site. Very nice!

    Awh, shucks, Louise! Can you believe she was only 23 in that picture??

    Joe – we have LOTS of good recs for when you guys come back!

    Delina – she had a great day. Her sisters threw her a surprise party, but her mom told her about it before!! lol

    Rhea – I know…that is sad. I think about that sometimes, too.

    Thanks for the answer, Marina! I have heard that before!

    Tanya, I am sure your kids will look back with happy thoughts, too! We do resemble, but my sister and I look A LOT alike!

    Hope you had a good weekend, too, MM.

    QdB – She was a good example. Although, she usually doesn’t read my blog…hopefully she will start soon!

  10. Marmie

    Just saw the birthday wish! Thanks, and you are welcome! Did you forget about the Bragg Light/Ghost Road trips with your friends?

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