Il Cedro Bed and Breakfast in Catanzaro, Calabria

“We” have been busy working on our new bed and breakfast in Catanzaro, Calabria. I feel I can claim labor here since they start pounding at 7:00 AM every morning. So much for my quiet Italian life!

Also, I have gone shopping for tiles, bathroom stuff and furniture. That is hard labor. Here are a few photos taken last week.

Bed and Breakfast in Catanzaro
Master Pasquale, the “bricklayer”

Bed and Breakfast in Catanzaro
My husband working in one of the storage units

Bed and Breakfast in Catanzaro
The floor they removed. It looked better inside the B&B.


As of mid-2007, Il Cedro B&B in Catanzaro, Calabria opened its doors. We welcome your emails or comments and look forward to meeting you soon here in Bella Calabria!

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