I’m one of "those" people!

I have never really been an “animal” person. True, I always did prefer dogs over cats, but I was just as happy looking at them from afar as I was owning one. But, recently I have been adopted. Notice I say “I” was adopted? A few days ago the most precious little puppy dog ever showed up on our balcony! She is pretty dirty, but we are going to buy shampoo and “tools” and take care of her. I’m not sure how you say her breed in Italian, but in English it is M-U-T-T.

The real reason I don’t normally have pets isn’t because I don’t “enjoy” them, because I do. What’s not to enjoy, right? But, well, let’s just say I don’t always have the best luck with pets. Let’s hope Sophia Lauren is luckier than some of the other pets I have owned in my lifetime. When I was really young, around 5 or 6, I had a puppy named Bobby (after Bobby from The Brady Bunch). He died somehow??? and I got another puppy … named Bobby! Again…he “disappeared”. Later came Arthur – parvo; Callie the cat – attacked by an animal; Herbie the hermit crab – lost under the sofa; Sassy – mean guy down the street, and you see where this is going … But the last pet I had was a little fox terrier and that was 15 years ago!! I think it is time to give myself another chance, don’t you?

But I am afraid. I am afraid I am going to become “one of those people“… who send their friends and family pictures of their pet as if it was a member of the family. If you are one of my friends (or a member of my family) and you have sent me pictures of your pet I AM NOT TALKING ABOUT YOU. I am talking about everyone else. Of course your pet is a member of the family!

But really, it was love at first site! She has such a dynamic little personality, she loves everyone, and she expects everyone to love her back. I want to buy her a pretty pink ribbon for her hair, and a collar and leash so I can take her walking. She is so sweet that I am worried someone will post a “lost” sign and I will have to give her back. But, until then, and I pray it doesn’t happen, Sophia Lauren and I will live together happily. I am happy because she can eat all of the food I have leftover in my plate, and she is happy to eat it. I am happy because I can speak Italian to her, and she doesn’t care if I make mistakes! And she is happy to have someone to play with…it is a match made in heaven!

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