American Disco: Catanzaro Welcomes Gloria Gaynor

It is official.

Americans are invading Calabria and this time to the tune of an upbeat melody and disco queen sequined pants.

But don’t worry about me, fretful blog readers …

I Will Survive.

Because I Am What I Am.

And I am going Walk On By the Piazza Prefettura in downtown Catanzaro this Friday and share my disco obsession with southern Italy.

Yep. You read that right. I am a disco queen.

Oh, and so is she.

In preparation for this free concert (grazie mille Catanzaro) I have been blasting Gloria Gaynor’s vocals through the speakers and studying up on my lyrics. I mean, uhm … her lyrics.

I think the excitement for me here is two-fold.

I mean who wouldn’t jump at the chance to boogy down with the Disco Diva and let’s face it, her lyrics are down right inspiring. But, you know Calabria isn’t exactly brimming with “my people.” There are what? Five of us Americans here in Calabria? Well on Friday, September 12, my friends. There will be six!

I’m sorry to report that Ms. Gaynor has not called or emailed Il Cedro for her reservation. I wonder what could be keeping her?

You see. In the fairytale world where my head is bouncing among the birds, I see it going down like this.

– Gloria will check in on Thursday evening. We will sit in the B&B kitchen, drink wine and laugh like old friends, while she teaches me every single word to every single song.

– Friday morning Gloria and I will shock the locals when (Gasp! Two women) go to the bar and have cappuccinos and pastries.

– We will stroll arm in arm through the market in Soverato as she shares with me her deepest inspirations behind her ballads.

– Friday night we will have pizza and beer. Saturday morning we will go for a jog. She will say a tearful goodbye and then add me immediately as a friend on Twitter and Stumble and will send each other those “Things You Didn’t Know About Your Friends” Friend Memes.

Oh. And somewhere in there she will sing for everyone else, too.

I know it isn’t likely, but as Gloria Gaynor says herself, if you want it, you better Do It Yourself. So that is what I am going to do. I’m gonna track her down in Catanzaro, lurk at nice restaurants and wait until I see her!

So, uhm … who is going to bail me out of jail when I get caught stalking this chic?

Anyone? Anyone?

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  1. I grew up in that era – I love to Boogey. I’m sure Gloria would call if she ever seen your B&B.
    Awe. Thanks, Nadine!! I love to boogy, too. I tried to get Pep to let me teach him the hustle yesterday … he wouldn’t buy it.

  2. Well, I love the disco music, but I am afraid I have heard that I WILL SURVIVE song…one too many times 😉

    I am sorry to report , I do not have the bail money you requested 🙁

    Have fun at the concert. And please, if you know what is good for you, don’t wear that outfit Cherrye 🙂 Just. Don’t. Do. It.
    Seriously, Robin? I had it already set out and everything. Darn!

  3. please forward me instructions on bailing one out of an italian jail. also find out the estimated cost and whether or not they take credit cards. i’ll bail you out. i know you’ll pay me back.
    You mean I’d have to pay you back? Well … ok. 🙂

  4. You know I’d be there with you if I could. I also will be willing to assist Andrea in bailing you out of jail.

    I so wish I knew how to get a hold of Ms. Gaynor, because after reading this blog, ya’ll would surely become BFFs!

    Have a great time with the Disco Diva.
    Awww… thanks, Brandi! If you happen to run into Ms. G on the street send her our way!

  5. j

    Ya, Ya, You go girl…no more of that tarantella stuff.
    Yea! You are alive, J. Welcome back. And, yea .. I’m going … I’m going … 🙂

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