My 7 Links: Digging Through the Archives at My Bella Vita

my seven links

Back when I began blogging in 2006, memes were everywhere-you were either tagging or being tagged every couple of weeks and listing, numbering and ranking meme-style was oh, too cool. Then, it changed. Nobody was tagging nuthin’ anymore and memes, it seemed, were out of fashion.

So, imagine my surprise earlier this month when I noticed that Tripbase had launched a new travel blogging meme called My 7 Links. It’s gone viral and Lisa from Wanderlust Women Travel tagged me just this morning.

The idea behind the meme is to reflect a little on your last, in my case five, years as a blogger and to highlight some of your favorite posts.

So, here goes.

Most Beautiful Post: It’s hard to say, really, but I always like re-reading Where I’m From. Not only does it remind me of my family back in Texas but it reminds me of where I was mentally and emotionally when I wrote the post.

Most Popular Post: Well, I get a new email regarding my post Five Tips for Surviving a Long Distance Relationship every couple of weeks so I suppose I’d have to go with that one, although Ma Che Cz**o Fa gets its share of hits, as well. People sure do love to cuss in Italiano.

Most Controversial: Well, my 7 Posts predecessor said, “a travel site doesn’t get much more controversial than gelato flavors,” and she was right. I haven’t had too much controversy but I do think I offended a few people with my post, Italian Men Get Smarter with Age.

Most Helpful: If you are planning to travel to Calabria, then How to Ruin Your Trip to Calabria really is the most helpful post – even if you don’t know it yet (or choose not to believe me!)

A Post Whose Success Surprised Me: Ha, hands down it is How to Eat a Persimmon Fruit. This post was written on a whim when I looked out our window, pondering my next post topic and saw this beautiful orange and green tree staring back at me. It’s probably one of my most-read posts on the whole site.

A Post which Didn’t Get the Attention it Deserved: The Art of Italian Coffee: Caffè Baci in Downtown Catanzaro, I was really hoping someone would offer to teach me.

Post I am Most Proud Of: The Life and Legacy of Buddy Moore, the post I wrote one month after receiving that middle-of-the-night phone call no expat wants to get.

And now, I’m passing the torch to:

Lulu of Calabriasella Mia, one of northern Calabria’s newest expat bloggers.

Leanne of From Australia to Italy, a newly-married, new mom expat who moved to the province of Cosenza (via a stop in Rome) a couple of years ago.

Joe of Italyville, a first-generation Calabrian-American who owns an Olive Tree business and blogs regularly about the food, language and culture of southern Italy.

And just outside of bella Calabria

Tina, of Tina Tangos, a tango dancing translator living in Puglia and

Sara of Amid the Olive Trees, an English professor who writes about living (and parenting) in Puglia.

Check out the list of previously nominated bloggers here so we can keep the project going.

If you’ve participated, please leave a note in the comments so I can visit your post.

Are you heading to Calabria? Click here to see how I can help you plan your trip.

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  1. I just started following your site a few months ago so many of these I actually missed. Loving the 7 links meme as I have found a lot of old treasures I would have missed other wise.

  2. Dion

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