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How to Hit the Beach in Southern Italy

Cute new swimsuit … check. Great summer beach read … check. SPF … check. (Hey, we can’t all be tanned and beautiful the moment we hit the beach!) Summer holiday to southern Italy … check! So you’re ready to do some serious relaxing along one of Italy’s beautiful beaches this summer? Before you head out the door with your beach…

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Travel Tip Tuesday: Three Basic Tips for Traveling with an Itsy Bitsy Baby

You all know what a brave fearless silly girl I am, right? I moved to hole-in-the-bottom-of-the-boot Calabria, had a baby in italiano and most recently, traveled with said baby on six separate flights.

Reader Questions: Calabrian Genealogy / Trip Planning

I started this Reader Question series last month and so far have discussed some of my favorite “stopping points” for travelers passing through Calabria from Campania and given some ideas on things to do in Palermo.

Reader Questions: Ideal Stopping Point on Calabria’s West Coast

I announced on my Calabria Travel Facebook page last week that I’d begin answering Reader Questions as part of an on-going series here on My Bella Vita … and whaddyaknow, people have questions.

Calabria’s National Parks

Calabria might be better known for the 500 miles of coastline that skirt its borders, but inside the region is imploding with three national parks. In fact, 91% of Calabria is mountainous, creating a dramatic landscape for those green and blue sea beaches, molding centuries old Medieval villages and making for some pretty adventurous outdoor sports.

Travel Tip Tuesday: Tips for Helping Your Kids Learn Italian

One of the best things about traveling in southern Italy is the lack of English you’ll hear on the streets, in restaurants, even at main attractions. But this can also be intimidating-especially for kids. Unless you already speak Italian, you’ll probably want to pick up a few basic phrases yourself, so get your kids involved and use this vacation as…

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Travel Tip Tuesday: Tips for Flying to Italy With Kids

flights with kids. No, no, I’ve been on flights before where other people had to worry about getting their kids to sit still, buckle up and eat their cardboard chicken, but this summer, I was there.

Three More Tips for Getting Kids Excited About Southern Italy

Traveling to Italy with kids can be either exciting or stressful, depending on who is making the trip and how they feel about international travel. While you might not need any convincing, your kids might be feeling apprehensive about taking such a long trip or might be sad about leaving their friends for an extended vacation.

Kid-Approved Tips for Eating in Italy

When you travel to southern Italy with kids you might have a hard time staying on scheduled meal times. There is little to be found after 3:00 and restaurants rarely open before 7:30 or 8:00 for dinner. Still, you and your kids can enjoy that famous southern Italian cuisine, all it takes is a little preparation and know-how.

Tips for Helping Your Kids Deal with Jet Lag

Flying internationally with kids can be a challenge-the seats are uncomfortable, the food stinks and there is an overall ickiness that settles everywhere throughout the plane. But that’s not the worst part. Once you’ve arrived, you want to quickly ease into your new time zone and start enjoying your family vacation, so how do you deal with jet lag?

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