Positano Romantic Spots Amalfi Coast Campania Italy

The Most Romantic Spots in Southern Italy

Italy is famous for romance, from the original Casanova to modern day love affairs with Italy like Under the Tuscan Sun. With its gorgeous coastlines, seaside villages and mountaintop hideaways, southern Italy is the ideal spot for a romantic holiday in Italy. But just where should you go? Oh, the choices! We’ve narrowed it down to our top 10 romantic…

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southern italian desserts book

Southern Italian Desserts Cookbook Review

Southern Italy is synonymous with homemade pasta, rich tomato sauce, fiery peppers and fresh, local produce. Oh yea … and wine. And Olive oil. And cheese. Ahem. I’m losing focus here. What I’m trying to say is we all know southern Italy can rock a plate but until now there wasn’t even one professionally-written cookbook that was dedicated solely to…

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Amalfi Beach Campania Travel

How to Hit the Beach in Southern Italy

Cute new swimsuit … check. Great summer beach read … check. SPF … check. (Hey, we can’t all be tanned and beautiful the moment we hit the beach!) Summer holiday to southern Italy … check! So you’re ready to do some serious relaxing along one of Italy’s beautiful beaches this summer? Before you head out the door with your beach…

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Pizza in Wood Oven Campania Italy

The History of Pizza in Naples

Is there anything that says Italy more than pizza? Biting into the perfect pizza is just heaven! While you’ll find excellent pizza all over Italy, there’s one place that’s absolutely the top – Naples. This is where pizza was born and where it’s still king. Come along as we take a look at the history of the Neapolitan pizza, from…

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Cedri from Calabria

The Riviera dei Cedri in Calabria

Southern Italy boasts some of the most beautiful beaches and coastlines in Europe – perfect for sunning by the sea, enjoying a drive along the scenic coastal roads or finding that perfect hidden away village. Sicily has stunning beaches and the Amalfi Coast is home to some of the most famous vacation spots in Italy. Savvy travelers are starting to…

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In Etna's Shadow by Karen Landes

Southern Italian Book Series: Sicily

For the second installment of our Southern Italy Books Series we’re off to Sicily – that island off the toe of the Italian boot that has been captivating travelers since ancient times. Our list of books about or set in Sicily are seeped in the mystery, vibrancy and spice that make the Sicilian culture so very distinctive. If you’re looking…

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Recipes from the Amalfi Coast

Pasta with Anchovies and Walnuts Recipe

Either loved or feared, anchovies are a staple of Italian cooking, especially along the Amalfi Coast in southern Italy’s Campania region. Called alici in Italian, these little fish are prepared in many local specialties. Laura Thayer, an American expat who lives on the Amalfi Coast, shares with My Bella Vita a traditional recipe from Amalfi for pasta with anchovies and walnuts….

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Traveling in Calabria for Art and History Lovers Gerace

Five Spots in Calabria for Art & Architecture Lovers

While art and architecture lovers naturally flock to the great art centers of Italy in Florence, Rome and Venice, there’s truly a wealth of art history discover in Calabria. What makes it all so unique is finding that unique Calabrian stamp – a fascinating blend of architectural and artistic styles and the feeling that you’re stepping back in time. As…

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calabria day tour

The Making of a Day Trip

Guided village tours in Calabria offer a deeper understanding of the medieval life of long ago and can open doors that remain closed (and unknown to) independent travelers. Visitors are taught interesting tidbits, escorted around the main sights and introduced to local people and shops. But did you ever wonder how a day trip is designed? Earlier this year, My…

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homemade limoncello recipe

Limoncello Challenge Recap and Results

Newsletter recipients and Facebook fans will remember my recent Limoncello Challenge – where I took two extreme steeping rules and put them to the test. And I have to say … the results were surprising. To fully tell this story, I need to go back to when I first tried the homemade limoncello that knocked my socks off (in a…

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