Keeping things “hot” in Calabria

It’s the unofficial symbol of Calabria.  You’ll literally see it everywhere you turn and if you find yourself in Calabria, especially in late summer, it isn’t uncommon to see strings of it hanging out to dry from doorways, balconies, and windows. We are talking, of course, about peperoncini (chili peppers).  These beautifully colored deep red peppers are an important part…

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Blue Flag Beaches of Southern Italy: Puglia

Puglia is home to some of Italy’s most exquisite beaches, not just for its crystal clear waters but also for its rocky coastlines, lagoons, grottoes and underwater marine-life.  It shouldn’t really be a surprise since the region is bordered by the Adriatic Sea in the east, the Ionian Sea to the southeast and the Strait of Otranto and Gulf of…

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Sicilian Style Ferragosto

If you’re spending any of your August vacations in Sicily, chances are you’ll coincide with one of the biggest Italian public holidays of the calendar year – Ferragosto. It’s a holiday that we’ve touched on here before at My Bella Vita, but this time we’d like to give you a little bit more of the history behind it – as…

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Where to Stay in Southern Italy

Where you stay is a very important part of any travel plan.  Nowadays there are many options in terms of places to stay and depending on the type of vacation you are planning, your accommodations can play a huge role in making or breaking your traveling experience. Here’s a look at different types of accommodations you’ll commonly find in Southern…

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Cibo di Strada: Italy’s Street Food

Regardless of where you go, there is one thing you will find pretty much everywhere – street food! Whether it’s called take-away, street-eats, fast food, or cibo di strada; you can learn a lot about a city or region’s character and history from its street food.  Street food is mainly sold from food stands/kiosks and eaten on the go while…

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Blue Flag Beaches of Southern Italy: Sicily

Last week, we looked at the Blue Flag beaches in Calabria.  This week, we are showcasing the Blue Flag beaches in Sicily. Sicily, a large island in the Mediterranean Sea, is separated from the rest of Italy by the Strait of Messina.  Sicily has so much to offer its visitors:  from volcanoes to ancient Greek temples and captivating islands.  Here…

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Zucchini Flowers

Fried Zucchini Flowers Recipe

You can be certain that summer is here when you start to see these incredibly vibrant and bright yellow flowers at your local supermarket, fruit vendor or in your neighbor’s garden. But, what can you do with these delightful flowers? Well, zucchini flowers are a summer-time favorite in many parts of Italy and there are many ways they can be…

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Blue Flag Beaches of Southern Italy: Calabria

Even though summer is playing a little game of hide and seek with us this year, we know that in no time it will make its grand entrance bringing with it hot sunny days and blue skies, perfect for spending countless hours at the beach. Recently, the Foundation for Environmental Education released there 2014 Blue Flag award recipients, given out…

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Stars of Southern Italy

The South of Italy has so much to offer travelers, although most don’t seem to venture any further south than Naples.  We all know Campania is famous for its impressive coastlines and magnificent sites but as you dip further south you will experience the rugged beauty and intricate history that the “deep south” has to share. So, let’s shine the…

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Simple Guide to Liquors in Southern Italy

In Italy, “si mangia bene” (you eat well) and it is very common for Italians to conclude their meals with an after dinner drink.  However, this can be overwhelming for those who are not well-versed in Italian liquors. What exactly are Italian liquors?  Well, they are alcohols infused with herbs or other aromas typically served after a meal as a…

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