For all of those “babies” and “Peppes” out there who are

1) too shy to emblazon their love on a public walkway
2) afraid of breaking the law (and getting caught)


3) who don’t have a steady enough hand…

Directly from the street facing the Duomo in Palermo…

These are for you!

Can anyone guess why I liked them so much?
Happy Love Thursday everyone!
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  1. Delina

    I’ve seen a few of those public displays of affection around here too. If they were wrote in chalk I’d think it was sweet, but using permanent marker cans is wrong IMO. It’ll take years to wear off.

  2. Maggie

    I wrote a while back about how Italians always sign their graffiti– “Ti Amo, BY Luca.” So I took absolute delight in this photo.

    sounds like you guys had a blast!

  3. Cherrye

    Delina-I agree, actually. The graffiti just ruins the place(s). They have beautiful buildings, then there is a huge red sign spayed on it.

    Nadine-I like seeing people holding hands, and hugging (you know, appropriately).

    Maggie-I noticed that, too! Hilarious, isn’t it? So, do you think “babi” was “baby?”

  4. Cher & Gene Klosner

    PDA – yay!! 🙂 Hope it washes off…just so the next person can write their mesasage LOL!!

    Cher –

  5. Playful Professional

    I love this! I think I may have to try writing in cement but our names just aren’t as pretty and I love you isn’t the same as te amo.

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