During Rome Week I mentioned that my husband and I had the opportunity to attend Mass in Saint Peter’s Square. Although the day was gray and windy, we were thrilled to encounter none other than Vatican City’s own Pope Benedict XVI, who was both leading the Mass and Canonizing five new saints.

I’ve always been enchanted with Saints … with their lives, their sacrifices, their gifts. So for the next five weeks I’m going to share what information I can gather on the world’s five newest Saints and who knows … maybe some of their good-nature and reverence will rub off on  me.

Saint Geltrude Comensoli

Saint Geltrude "Caterina" Comensoli

Saint Geltrude “Caterina” Comensoli, born in Brescia, Italy on January 18, 1847, created the Sacramentine Sisters order that is present throughout Europe, South America and Africa and whose purpose was to help working people find time for God.

Her most significant miracle occurred in the early morning hours of October 3, 2001 in Agnosine, Italy where a dying four-year-old child saw her standing beside his bed shortly before he was miraculously healed of his rare strain of meningitis.

You can click here to read the full recount of the miracle or read more about Saint Geltrude “Caterina” Comensoli here.

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