Something Worth Celebrating

Today was a good day. A sweetheart of a day. An almost perfect day.

For me, it is Valentine’s Day Due. And, although I have never been a huge fan of V-Day, having it come twice in one year isn’t a bad thing. Pep had to work last night, so we decided to postpone our romantic dinner, and the first Valentine’s Day in 5 years that we have actually been in the same country, and cook together tonight. And, when I say cook “together,” I really mean he will cook, and I will drink wine and watch. It is ok – he likes it that way!

But, apart from it being a double play day, hence celebrating Valentine’s Day twice, it was just a good day.

Peppe and I went to breakfast at the best little bar around Santa Maria and Viale Isonzo, Tiramisu, where I saw the owner, who happens to be the dad of an Italian “friend.” We chatted a few minutes – and I understood almost everything he said to me.

Then, I went to get my hair cut. My last attempt in Catanzaro was a mini-nightmare, with about 3 inches too much landing on the floor at my feet. But, not this time. I went somewhere new, and I loved it. The people were so nice, and you know what? They were all Italian women. Well, actually two of them were Italian “girls” who were only 15 and 16, but they were nice. And, I had a fairly decent understanding there, too.

Pep picked me up and we went to the supermercato to buy mussels and white wine for our Valentine’s Day Due dinner tonight. Well, I know about 10 people here in Catanzaro, and I ran into one of them at the store, where I had a conversation and understood 100% of what she said.
You see, nothing spectacular happened today. Nothing notable. Nothing extraordinary…and, that is why it was so great.
It was a normal day. Just like any other normal day I could have had in any random city in Texas.
I saw people I knew, I communicated with those people, I came home…
Now, that is something worth celebrating!
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  1. j

    Well happy belated Valentine’s Day Cherrye. Mine didn’t go quite as planned. We had a big snow storm so schools were closed and the kids were home. Enjoy your romantic moments now!

    I have a request. I pulled out my Catanzaro map I got when I was there, so could you occasionally say where some of the places you like are located? I’m sure I will return there again sometime (next time with my wife).

    When I was there last I stayed at the Hotel Guglielmo. Since my grandfather left there with no money and had to leave his wife and kids until he had enough to send for them, I thought, for him, I should return in style.

  2. Cherrye

    J – Did you stay at the Hotel Guglielmo in downtown Catanzaro? That is a nice hotel. They have redone downtown and it is really getting nice…stone streets and all.

    I can certainly add in where things are located for future posts. The bar I was talking about “Tiramisu” is located in the area called Santa Maria. Are you familiar with that area?

    We are opening a Bed and Breakfast on Viale Isonzo, which is between Corvo and Santa Maria, too. So, if you decide to take a break from Hotel Guglielmo, check us out. I will let you know when our website is up.

    I am sure you are familiar with Catanzaro Lido. We are actually getting dressed now to go have paninis with a friend tonight in Lido.

    Sorry about your non-romantic Valentine’s Day. Where are you in the states? I saw there was a lot of snow in a lot of place!

  3. Ambra Celeste

    Happy Valentines day due! Cherrye I have been reading your blog for a while and thought I should finally say hi!
    I can so relate to celebrating a normal day, one where communicating happens easily. Living here, I know this is a big deal.
    (oh, and you are so lucky your man cooks for you! Mine cooks too, but only with me and only sometimes.)

  4. j

    I still live on the East side of Cleveland. The news always makes a big deal out of these snow storms, but we get them all the time and they snarl up traffic a bit and bring down some power lines (and mess up Valentine’s Day plans), but its really kind of fun.

    So, I stayed at the Hotel Guglielmo in town on Via VittorioVeneto. I didn’t know there was another one. But I’m a little confused because I can’t seem to find any of the streets you mention on my map. Where from the hotel should I be looking?

    B&Bs are definitely more my style and I look forward to staying in yours some day. When I was there last, I was in Italy for three months and I just thought it would be a fun weekend side trip to visit where my grandparents were from. So, I didn’t go there as a tourist, but just to try to find the Catanzaro my grandfather might have known. So I took a train down there and just walked around for two days doing things like going to the cemetery and paying attention to the lamp posts (he was a lamp lighter when he was there). The only real touristy thing I did was on the Sat. night passagata I bought a pair of shoes. But I was surprised at how moved I was and that little side trip to Catanzaro turned out to be the favorite part of my trip.

  5. Cherrye

    Hey J

    Try this online map. It isn’t GREAT, but it is the only one I found. You can type in street names and they will find it for you on the map.

    We live on Viale Isonzo. Santa Maria is an area of town, and Pep said Corvo is what they call the area, but it isn’t a real “name.”

    I couldn’t find the name of the via where the hotel is, but Peppe said it is the same one in downtown Catanzaro. I think there is only one Hotel Guglielmo, but there are villages somewhere near the beach (Copanello).

    Ambra – I love the Amore Pizza on your blog…I am jealous, that is too cute. Talk to you soon!

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