Today is the final installment of Sila Fridays …

Wait. Wait.

Don’t be sad.

Today is the final installment of Sila Fridays until I get back up there and tour a different area.

By now you know about getting to La Sila, you know of quaint Villaggio Mancuso, you know where to eat and sleep and today, you will learn where to shop!

Nope. You didn’t misread that sign.

It really says McN’duja.

As you enter the main street in Villaggio Mancuso, you will be greeted by Ronald’s nemesis, McN’duja … but don’t be fooled – the real name of the shop is Sglobalizzatevi.

I have no idea what that means.

But it is a charming shop.

A pellet fireplace sits in the corner of the wine section, warming the entire store.


Fresh Silan meats and cheeses are offered as aperitivi and homemade jams and liquors can be taste-tested before buying.

You can even pick up some McN’duja to take home.

Across the path is Sglobalizziatevi’s sister store, A Putica, owned by the same young couple – Davide and Francesca – who grew up down the road from my husband in Catanzaro.

 This is the ‘shroom store.

 Every kind of mushroom you could want is waiting inside.



 We spent almost an hour at the two stores, visiting with the owners and stocking up on homemade black cherry jelly and hard-to-find wine.

Davide and Francesca can also help you with personalized tours of Il Parco Nazionale della Sila.

For more information, you can contact them at info (at) aputica (dot) it or visit them in person at

A Putica / Sglobalizzatevi

Villaggio Mancuso

88055 Taverna (Catanzaro) Italy

 Did all this food talk get you hungry? If so, head over to Michelle’s where she baked up some chocolate chip cookies for this week’s La Buona Cucina Americana!

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  1. McN’duja, thst is so funny. I think Sglobalizzatevi means Unglobalize, and if that’s so the McN’duja is really clever!
    Ha. Interesting. That word is SOOOO long, I didn’t even try to figure it out. That is clever!
    KC’s last blog post..Frosty

  2. joanne at frutto della passione

    It’s *unglobalize yourself* which is a fabulous name and one heck of a post title!!! I love seeing that kind of thing and the name alone would make me want to go there!
    Thanks for the translation. You should definitely go there when you visit in Calabria. Hey – maybe I’ll go with you! 🙂
    joanne at frutto della passione’s last blog post..A brief history of Panettone part 2

  3. Wow, I thought you were taking us for a tour of McDonalds! Whew, thank goodness it isn’t that!!!!

    It all looks great 🙂 And yes, I *am* hungry now!!
    Well there IS a McD’s around here if you are requesting a post!
    My Melange’s last blog post..Love Thursday: The Tattered Old

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